NACC biomarker and imaging data:
plans and progress

NACC is working closely with participating Alzheimer's Disease Centers and experts in the field to facilitate large-scale sharing of imaging data for UDS subjects. The submission of these data by the Centers is voluntary, and the database is designed to be flexible and expandable to accommodate new analytic methods and markers of disease as they are discovered and standardized.

Current availability of data is outlined in the table below.

Data Type Description Data collection status Images for UDS subjects (n)
MRI Images (DICOM format) T1-weighted Ongoing 1,622
FLAIR Ongoing 1,614
DTI Ongoing 1,377
T2 Ongoing  321
Biomarker data
(volumetric analysis results)
Hippocampal volume In progress 0
Brain volume In progress 0
Intracranial volume In progress 0
Additional measures Under development 0