NACC Derived Variables

To aid researchers in analysis of NACC data, the NACC Research Support Group has computed a number of summary variables including subject age, number of in-person visits, and cognitive status at each visit, as well as indicator variables for several therapeutic categories of medications. These derived variables were created in response to researcher experience using NACC data and to past data requests for such derivations. Additional derived variables may be included in the future. Please contact NACC with suggestions.

The derived variables are now available to investigators and may supplement data requests for UDS, MDS, NP, and Milestones data.

PLEASE NOTE: This documentation is for historical reference only. Many of the derived variables listed in the documentation below are no longer available with the implementation of UDS version 3, and any data sets created using the UDS data as of Fall 2015 will include only derived variables from the current RDD-UDS, not from the resources below.



*NOTE: For data files created before December 2013, please refer to the previous edition (PDF) of the Derived Variables documentation.