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NACC research structural MRI

NACC MRI sample characteristics

MRI types






MRI data format*DICOM (.dcm) image files
MRI package format*.zip
Method of MRI collectionADCs voluntarily submit available images to NACC. Image-acquisition and data-collection protocols vary by ADC. Retrospective and prospective data collections is ongoing.
Image acquisition period2005 – present
SubjectsADC subjects enrolled in the Uniform Data Set (UDS)
Clinical diagnosesNormal cognition, MCI, dementia
Linked genotype dataAvailable from ADGC
Longitudinal MRIsAvailable for some subjects

*Please note that calculated volume data are not available at this time.


The NACC Research Structural MRI Database is a large, freely available sample of MRIs that are linked to the standardized UDS and NP data, as well as genotype data from ADGC.

MRIs at NACC are most appropriately described as a convenience sample of images, voluntarily submitted by several Alzheimer's Disease Centers. Imaging data collection and acquisition protocols vary by ADC; thus, packages of MRI files at NACC may include T1-weighted, FLAIR, DTI, T2, or other MR series (and any combination thereof), and subjects may or may not have multiple scan sessions in the NACC database.


Accessing MRI image files

TO VIEW A SAMPLE OF MRIs meeting specified image and subject criteria:

NACC's MRI query system

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• Sample size estimation:

 – Number of MRI files meeting criteria

 – Number of unique UDS subject IDS meeting criteria

• Links to download a sample of 10 or fewer MRIs meeting criteria


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Visualization software

TO REQUEST IMAGE FILES for analysis and publication purposes:

NACC data file request

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"Packages" of DICOM MRIs archived by subject ID and MRI date (.zip), delivered via secure file transfer protocol (sFTP) and linked to any requested UDS, FTLD, or NP data.

Note: Additional image types not requested may be included in the package.


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Visualization software


Anyone may access a sample of MRI files at NACC through NACC's MRI Query System; however, to open and view the images, visualization software is required. Many software packages are available on the web as freeware or free trials and can be located by doing a web search for "DICOM viewer."

Please note that to download images for analysis and publication purposes, a more detailed data request is required.