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Submit your manuscript or abstract before publication

Researchers who use NACC data in their manuscripts or abstracts must submit their work to NACC before publication. This is required to ensure that NACC-related manuscripts are tracked and that the NACC grant (UO1 AG016976) is credited. Please download and review the Checklist for authors and submit your manuscript or abstract here.

In order to comply with the NIH Public Access Policy, all authors using NACC data must ensure the proper submission of their published work to PubMed Central (PMC). For more information on this process, please review the PDF "Resources for navigating PMC submission."

To check the status of a manuscript, and as a reminder to the author to follow up with PMC if necessary, NACC will send authors an email reminder six months after the manuscript is submitted to NACC, and every three months after that, until we have received the PMCID.

Free consultation available

When you request NACC data, NACC research scientists can save you time, offering help with:

  • • checking a project's feasibility with NACC data
  • • creating a custom data file for analysis
  • • specifying variables
  • • statistical methods
  • • data analysis


For more information, email