Paper using NACC data honored

International Psychogeriatrics selects study as Paper of the Month

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NACC a "treasure trove" for AD research

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Research structural MRI

Image files and calculated volumes now available for a subset of UDS subjects

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Information and resources

The National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center (NACC), established in 1999, maintains a cumulative database including clinical evaluations, neuropathology data when available, and now MRI imaging. NACC invites researchers throughout the AD community to take advantage of this valuable resource.

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The data are contributed by the 39 past and present Alzheimer’s Disease Centers (ADCs) supported by the U.S. National Institute on Aging/NIH, where all enrolled subjects undergo a standardized evaluation. The clinic-based population includes subjects with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, as well as cognitively normal subjects and those with MCI.

The NACC database comprises several standardized clinical and neuropathology data sets, all of which are freely available to the research community. No password or account is required, and no affiliation with the NIA Alzheimer's Disease Centers is needed.

Free consultation available

When you request NACC data, NACC research scientists can save you time, providing help with:

  • Checking a project's feasibility with
     NACC data
  • Creating a custom file for data analysis
  • Specifying variables
  • Statistical methods
  • Data analysis

Email NACC for more information, or submit a request for a custom data file.