Lumbar Puncture Data Collection

Three separate and distinct surveys are included in the LP study database:

  • The ADC LP experience
  • The LP requestor
  • The patient LP experience (UDS Subjects Only):
    • Initial questionnaire
    • Follow-up questionnaire

The first two surveys are brief and easy to complete, and will involve only a few people per ADC. The patient LP experience will report on all UDS subjects asked to undergo an LP during about two years of study; a designated patient coordinator will be required who will obtain the necessary data from subjects and medical records and complete the surveys. This particular study is sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association and will ultimately be analyzed along with data from the Global Biomarker Consortium survey conducted outside the U.S. (Blennow et al.).
Please note that on each of the questionnaires in the study, responses may be saved and work resumed later in case of interruption.

For a brief description of the study components, click here.

Reimbursement instructions were distributed to ADC Administrators on October 24, 2011. If you have questions or would like another copy, please contact NACC at or (206) 543-8637.

Lumbar Puncture Data Management System User's Manual

Lumbar Puncture Data Collection System

  • The ADC LP Experience Questionnaire
  • The LP Requestor Questionnaire
  • The Patient LP Experience (Safety Study)