NACC-funded research to date

Please note that as of 2017, NACC will longer award the Collaborative Grant or the Junior Investigator grant. Instead, we are inviting applications for a New Investigator Award, with a maximum award of $50,000 (including indirect costs).

Listed below are the projects that received NACC funding before 2018.

COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS — To qualify as a NACC-funded collaborative project, at least three NIA-funded ADCs had to participate. Collaborative projects were hypothesis-driven and addressed a scientific question outright or provided preliminary data for a subsequent R01 or other research grant. Collaborative projects had to involve contribution of new or existing data/specimens, new or previously enrolled subjects, or other data resources from the collaborating centers to meet overall study goals. The study did not need to be based on subjects already enrolled in the Uniform Data Set (UDS).

JUNIOR INVESTIGATOR PROJECTS — Junior Investigators were defined as researchers affiliated with an ADC holding the rank of assistant professor or below, including post-docs and trainees. They had also not had previous R01 funding. Analyses had to be based on the NACC Uniform Data Set (UDS) or Neuropathology Data Set.