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NACC confidentiality agreement

These data are to be used for informational purposes only. Any effort to determine the personal identity associated
with any reported data is prohibited. Distribution or release of data or image files obtained from the National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center to third parties is prohibited. Data requests, analyses, and potential publications using the
information contained in this database are subject to review by NACC and/or the NACC Steering Committee.

Downloading these data indicates that you accept the terms of this agreement:

1.) that you maintain data confidentiality;
2.) that you will not distribute the data or image file to a third party; and
3.) that you will follow NACC publication guidelines (listed below) before seeking to publish results.

NACC publication guidelines

  • All publications, posters and presentations using NACC data must reference the NACC grant number, U01 AG016976.
  • All manuscripts and abstracts using NACC data must be submitted to NACC's
    Manuscript and Abstract Submission System for a brief administrative review prior to journal or conference submission.

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