1Florida's NACCULATOR TOOLS for Centers

1Florida ADRC has been developing software tools for uploading IVP and FVP study participant data from their data capture system to NACC automatically. This process acts like a pseudo API and sends any new data that has been entered by Clinical Core to the working database at NACC. This process uses the existing security and ADC access segmentation that the NACC has in place.

The work is open source and free for anyone that would like to use or help contribute to the development.

The NACCulator utils can be found on GitHub at: github.com/ctsit/nacculator_utils.

The NACCulator software that transforms output into a format that can be uploaded to NACC is here: github.com/ctsit/nacculator.

Questions regarding the NACCulator can be directed to Kevin Hanson at 1Florida ADRC, kshanson@ufl.edu.