ADC Steering Committees

ADC Executive Committee
PositionTerm endsaNameCenter
Elected (Chair)Fall 2019Brad Hyman, MD, PhDMassachusetts ADRC
ElectedFall 2020Julie Schneider, MDRush University
ElectedFall 2021Andrew Saykin, PsyDIndiana University
 a3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair
Administrators Steering Committee
PositionTerm endsbNameCenter
ElectedFall 2019Liang Yap, PhDMassachusetts ADRC
Term remainderFall 2019Hanna Blazel, MSUniversity of Wisconsin
Mandatory (Exec. Comm.)Fall 2020Anne Barz, MSRush University
ElectedFall 2020Andrea WassermanUC Irvine
Mandatory (Exec. Comm.)Fall 2021Brad GlazierIndiana University
ElectedFall 2021Emily Little, MPHUCSD
 b3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair for elected members
Neuropathology (NP) Core Steering Committee
PositionTerm endscNameCenter
ElectedFall 2019C. Dirk Keene, MD, PhDUniversity of Washington
Elected (Chair)Fall 2020Andrew Lieberman, MD, PhDUniversity of Michigan
ElectedFall 2021Peter Nelson, MD, PhDUniversity of Kentucky
 c3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair
Outreach, Recruitment, and Education (ORE) Core Steering Committee
PositionTerm endsdNameCenter
ElectedFall 2019Frederick Schmitt, PhDUniversity of Kentucky
ElectedFall 2020Mary Guerriero Austrom, PhDIndiana University
Elected (Chair)Fall 2020Allison Lindauer, PhDOHSU
ElectedFall 2021Dorene Rentz, PsyDMassachusetts ADRC
ElectedFall 2021Scott Roberts, PhDUniversity of Michigan
 d3-year term for members; Chair's term to be determined as needed
Data Core Steering Committee
PositionTerm endseNameCenter
ElectedFall 2019Richard Chappell, PhDUniversity of Wisconsin
ElectedFall 2020Mark Espeland, PhDWake Forest
Elected (Chair)Fall 2021Heather Allore, PhDYale University
Ex officion/aWalter A. Kukull, PhDNACC
Ex officion/aNina Silverberg, PhDNIA
 e3-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair
Clinical Core Steering Committee
PositionTerm endsfNameCenter
Elected (Chair)Spring 2019Cynthia Carlsson, MDUniversity of Wisconsin
ElectedSpring 2020Greg Jicha, MDUniversity of Kentucky
ElectedSpring 2021Mary Sano, MDMount Sinai
ElectedSpring 2022Jeff Burns, MDUniversity of Kansas
ElectedSpring 2023Howie Rosen, MDUniversity California, San Francisco
 f5-year term for members; 1-year term as Chair