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What does a NACC account do?

A NACC account provides access, through a user ID and password, to various restricted areas of the NACC website. The restricted areas relate to the NIA-funded Alzheimer's Disease Centers (ADCs) and to curation of the data they submit.

Who needs a NACC account?

NACC accounts are reserved for ADC, NIA, and NACC personnel. In rare instances, an ADC may sponsor a non-ADC researcher for a NACC account. Researchers — whether or not they are affiliated with an ADC — do NOT need a NACC account to request NACC data or to access the many non-restricted areas of the website.

NACC accounts for ADC researchers or personnel

Researchers and others affiliated with an ADC may obtain an account by sending an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. Your first and last name as you would like them to appear in the system
  2. The type of NACC account access you need
  3. The name of the ADC with which you are affiliated

You will be contacted with account set-up instructions. At the same time, NACC will also contact your ADC's Administrator for the written authorization required to create your account.

NACC account types

There are various levels of access to the NACC website. A list and brief description of each follows.

Center account

Provides access to some restricted areas of the website. This is usually assigned to ADC personnel who do not need to be able to submit and correct data. Access must be authorized by the ADC Administrator or Director.

Read-write access — UDS, FTLD, LBD

Provides access to the same areas as read-only access, as well as the ability to submit and correct data. This level is usually assigned to Data Core Leaders or data managers. Access must be authorized by the ADC Administrator or Director.

Read-write access — NP

Enables user to upload and edit data for the NACC Neuropathology data set. Access must be authorized by the ADC Administrator or Director.

Study-specific access

Provides access to stand-alone areas of the website that are devoted to various efforts being conducted by the ADCs in addition to UDS and NP data collection.

DrugID Lookup access

Provides access only to the UDS DrugID Lookup tool, used to complete UDS Form A4.

Clinical access

Allows access to the web-based UDS E-forms as well as other restricted sections of the Interviewers/Clinicians section of the website. Access must be authorized by the ADC Administrator or Director. The ADC's Data Core Leader should be consulted before using E-forms.


Provides access to the lists of UDS subjects eligible to have specimens contributed to NCRAD for the ADGC GWAS.


Permits upload of MR and PET images.

Center resource

Permits upload of information on specimens banked at Center.

Questions or suggestions

If you have any questions or comments, please contact NACC via by email ( or phone (206-543-8637). NACC strives to respond to all questions within 24 hours.