UDS Electronic Forms (E-Forms)

A NACC account type, specific to the E-Form type being accessed, is required. Go to REQUEST NACC ACCOUNT for more information.

PC E-Form


Web E-Forms

PC E-Forms is a software package that can be downloaded to a personal computer-desktop or laptop. Once the software is installed, data can then be entered into the forms electronically without a connection to the internet. The data entered is saved to a data file that can be uploaded to the NACC database using the UDS Submission System on the NACC website. Please contact your data core before using.


Web E-Forms are used to submit UDS data directly into the NACC database. All data submissions are encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. Use of the Web E-Forms requires a continuous connection to the internet.Please contact your data core before using.

(Note, Web E-Forms should not be confused with the web data entry in the UDS Data Submission System.)

Microsoft windows is required to run PC E-Forms. It is also advisable to work with your data core prior to downloading the software to coordinate uploading the data files this software creates to the NACC database. Centers will be notified when updates to the software are available for downloading.    

PC E-Forms User Manual


Requirements for Locally-Developed E-Forms Systems - Thomas Koepsell, PhD