ARMADA — NIH Toolbox training

Download the Powerpoint from NACC's ARMADA webinar


Following are the questions NACC received on the webinar, presented March 19, 2018:

Are there data elements from the NIH Toolbox (NIHTB) to create a REDCap database?

Yes, documentation is available for NIHTB.

Is there a required order for uploading three NIHTB files?

No, files can be uploaded in any sequence.

Will NACC provide an upload template?

No, the files downloaded from the iPad app are in the correct format for upload.

Are column headers required for NIHTB uploads, in contrast to the UDS, where they are not?

Yes, column headers are required. The column headers are important because the app produces exports with different columns depending on the demographics and the tests completed. The iPad files are in the correct format and should be uploaded as they are.

Are separate log-in credentials required to upload ARMADA data?

No, you can use your existing log-in, but email to have the necessary permissions added for the ARMADA submission system.