Data-collection forms and documentation

The table below provides brief descriptions of the NACC data sets, along with links to forms, coding guidebooks, data element dictionaries, and other documentation:

Data set


Uniform Data Set (UDS)

Standardized longitudinal clinical data on Alzheimer's Disease Center subjects (2005 – present)

FTLD Module

Supplemental clinical evaluation focused on frontotemporal lobar degeneration (UDS subjects)

Neuropathology Data Set (NP)

Standardized neuropathology data on autopsied UDS and MDS subjects

Biomarker and Imaging Data Sets

Supplemental data available for a subset of UDS subjects

Minimum Data Set (MDS)

Abstracted data on Alzheimer's Disease Center subjects (1984 – 2005)

NACC Derived Variables

Computed variables from NACC UDS, MDS, FTLD, and NP data

NACC References

Articles cited in the documentation for the UDS, FTLD, and NP data sets

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