NACC committees

The NACC Steering Committee

Type of position Term ends* Member's name Member's institution
ADC Exec. Comm. (Chair) Fall 2019 Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD Massachusetts ADRC
Elected Fall 2019 Teresa Gomez-Isla, MD, PhD Massachusetts ADRC
ADC Exec. Comm. Fall 2020 Julie Schneider, MD Rush University
Elected Fall 2020 Christopher van Dyck, MD Yale University
ADC Exec. Comm. Fall 2021 Andrew Saykin, PsyD Indiana University
Elected Fall 2021 Sandra Weintraub, PhD Northwestern University
Ex officio n/a Dallas Anderson, PhD NIA
Ex officio, MRI rep fall
Ex officio, MRI rep spring
Charles DeCarli, MD
William Jagust, MD
University of California, Davis
University of California, Berkeley
Ex officio, fluid biomarker rep n/a Douglas Galasko, MD University of California, San Diego
Ex officio, FTLD rep n/a David Knopman, MD Mayo Clinic
Ex officio, DLB rep n/a TBN  
NACC director n/a Walter A. Kukull, PhD NACC
NCRAD director n/a Tatiana Foroud, PhD Indiana University
Ex officio n/a Nina Silverberg, PhD NIA

*Term is three years for elected members and members from the ADC Executive Committee; Chair serves a two-year term.

Imaging Subcommittee

Member's name Member's institution
William Jagust, MD, Chair UC, Davis
Charles DeCarli, MD UC, Davis
Cliff Jack, MD Mayo Clinic
Howard Rosen, MD UCSF
Andrew Saykin, PsyD Indiana Univ
Walter A. Kukull, PhD NACC
Nina Silverberg, PhD NIA, ex officio

DLB Subcommittee

Member's name Member's institution
James Galvin, MD, Chair Florida Atlantic Univ
Brad Boeve, MD Mayo Clinic
Tanis Fermin, MD Mayo Clinic
Douglas Galasko, MD UCSD
Jennifer Goldman, MD Rush Univ
John Growdon, MD Mass ADRC
James Leverenz, MD Cleveland Clinic
Carol Lippa, MD Drexel Univ
Debby Tsuang, MD Univ of Washington
Dan Weintraub, MD Univ of Pennsylvania
Dallas Anderson, PhD NIA, ex officio
Debra Babcock, MD, PhD NINDS, ex officio
Walter Koroshetz, MD NIA, ex officio
Walter Kukull, PhD NACC, ex officio
Laurie Ryan, PhD NIA, ex officio
Beth-Anne Siebert, PhD NIA, ex officio
Nina Silverberg, PhD NIA, ex officio


The NACC Scientific Review Committee

Type of elected position Term ends Member's name Member's institution
Translational1 Spring 2019 Nilufer Ertekin-Taner, MD, PhD Mayo Clinic
Translational1 Spring 2019 Erik Musiek, MD, PhD Washington Univ
Basic/neuropath1 Spring 2019 Richard Perrin MD, PhD Washington Univ
Neuropsych1 Spring 2019 Munro Cullum, PhD UTSW
Stat/epi1 Spring 2019 Julia Crook, PhD Mayo Clinic
Stat/epi1 Spring 2019 Hiroko Dodge, PhD OHSU and Univ of Michigan
Stat/epi1 Spring 2019 Sharon Xie, PhD Univ of Pennsylvania
Stat/epi2 Spring 2020 Erin Abner, PhD Univ of Kentucky
Neuropath2 Spring 2020 Julia Kofler, MD Univ of Pittsburgh
Neuropsych2 Spring 2020 Dorene Rentz, PsyD, Chair Mass ADRC
Translational2 Spring 2020 Lisa Silbert, MD OHSU

1Four-year term and 2five-year term. Chair serves his/her full term.