Processing your request

1.)  Your initial contact with NACC

If you have an idea for an analysis and want to request data from NACC, simply answer a few brief questions about your project. A NACC liaison will respond within two business days to acknowledge your request and, if needed, to ask for any clarifications. If you are not sure whether your idea is feasible with NACC data, we are happy to offer you a telephone consultation (206-543-8637). Statistical consultations on analysis plans are also available upon request.

When you submit a data request, we ask you to acknowledge the NACC Data Use Agreement.

2.)  NACC creates your data set

Once your data needs are fully specified, the NACC liaison sends a request to our Data Group, which creates your file, typically in one to three business days. The file is then checked to make sure your specifications have been fully implemented. The data set is then posted on the web, available for download, in the format you specify (CSV or SAS). Data files are generally provided in less than a week from the time in which the criteria for the file are fully specified by the investigator.

3.)  Other assistance available on request

On your request, the NACC liaison is available to contribute statistical or methodological expertise. NACC is also available to update your previous data set to reflect the most current data available.

4.)  You review NACC's Checklist for Authors and send your draft publication to NACC for review
 before publication (required)

Before you release manuscripts, meeting abstracts, or any other research results to the broader scientific community or general public, you must provide NACC with a copy for review. The review is done simply to ensure that NACC data are being represented accurately and that the required acknowledgment is included (see the Checklist for Authors).

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the researcher, not NACC, to identify a unique research hypothesis and ensure there is no significant overlap with other ongoing or published NACC data analyses.

5.)  Upon publication, you send NACC a final copy of your manuscript or abstract

The final version of any paper or abstract that is accepted for publication must be sent to NACC at consnacc@uw.edu or (206) 616-5927 (fax).