Research Using the NACC Database

The Placebo Group Simulation Approach (PGSA): Predicting Decline in Patients

   Lead Investigator:    Rene Spiegel
   Institution      :    Memory Clinic, Geriatric University Hospital
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    109

Publications: 1 Berres M, Kukull WA , Miserez AR, Monsch AU, Monsell SE , Spiegel R A Novel Study Paradigm for Long-term Prevention Trials in Alzheimer Disease: The Placebo Group Simulation Approach (PGSA). Application to MCI data from the NACC database Journal Article J Prev Alzheimers Dis,1:99-109,2014,PMC4268776
2 Berres M, Monsch AU, Spiegel R Putting the PGSA to the test: Rates of progression to dementia in five studies with MCI patients 2017 Abstract CTAD Meeting, Boston ,
3 Spiegel R Modeling the Course of AD: Contributions to Better Clinical Trials 2012 Abstract J Nutr Health Aging 811-812 ,
4 Spiegel R It really works! Confirmation of the ADNI-based Placebo Group Simulation Approach with NACC data Abstract Alzheimers Dement,7:e64,2011,
5 Spiegel R, Berres M, Miserez AR, Monsch AU The Placebo Group Simulation Approach (PGSA): An Alternative Study Design for Clinical Trials in Patients with Prodromal AD 2011 Abstract CTAD Conference, San Diego November 3-5 ,
6 Spiegel R, Berres M, Monsch A, Miserez A, Kukull WA Validating the Placebo Group Simulation Approach (PGSA), an Alternative Study Design for Preventive Trials in Prodromal AD Patients Abstract Alzheimers Dement,10:P859,2014,
7 Spiegel R, Monsch AU, Berres M The Challenge of Predicting Cognitive MCI Trajectories from Baseline Values 2017 Abstract AAIC 2017 ,

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