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Neuropathological correlates of mild cognitive impairment

   Lead Investigator:    Katherine Gifford
   Institution      :    Boston University
   E-Mail           :    katie.gifford@Vanderbilt.Edu
   Proposal ID      :    182

Publications: 1 Gifford KA, Liu D, Hohman TJ, Xu M, Han X, Romano RR, 3rd, Fritzsche LR, Abel T, Jefferson AL A Mutual Self- and Informant-Report of Cognitive Complaint Correlates with Neuropathological Outcomes in Mild Cognitive Impairment Journal Article PLoS One,10:e0141831,2015,PMC4634952
2 Gifford KA, Liu D, Jefferson AL Source of cognitive complaint and neuropathology in mild cognitive impairment Abstract Alzheimers Dement,(10)4 Supplement:P422-P423,2014,

Proposal Description:
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