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Late life systolic blood pressure, body mass index, and heart rate, and
Alzheimers neuropathology among those without dementia before autopsy
   Lead Investigator:    Lilah Besser
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   Proposal ID      :    249

Publications: 1 Besser LM, Hawes SE, Bristow KE, Monsell SE, Kukull WA Pulse Pressure and Atherosclerosis, Arteriolosclerosis, and Cortical Microinfarcts in Individuals with Clinical Alzheimer's Disease. Abstract Alzheimers Dement,9:P441,2013,
2 Besser LM , Alosco ML, Gomez LR, Zhou X , McKee AC, Stern RA, Gunstad J, Schneider JA, Chui H, Kukull WA Late-Life Vascular Risk Factors and Alzheimer Disease Neuropathology in Individuals with Normal Cognition Journal Article J Neuropathol Exp Neurol,75:955-962,2016,PMC5029440

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