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Neuropathological assessments of fibrillar amyloid burden in APOE e4 carriers
and non-carriers with the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia 
   Lead Investigator:    Eric Reiman
   Institution      :    Banner Alzheimer's Inst
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    255

Publications: 1 Monsell SE , Kukull WA , Roher AE, Maarouf CL, Serrano G, Beach TG, Caselli RJ, Montine TJ, Reiman EM Characterizing Apolipoprotein E epsilon4 Carriers and Noncarriers With the Clinical Diagnosis of Mild to Moderate Alzheimer Dementia and Minimal beta-Amyloid Peptide Plaques Journal Article JAMA Neurol,72:1124-1131,2015,PMC4833059
2 Monsell SE , Caselli RJ, Kukull WA , Beach TG, Montine TJ, Reiman EM APOE4 non-carriers with the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia and minimal amyloid histopathology Abstract Alzheimers Dement,10:P423,2014,
3 Serrano-Pozo A, Hyman B Alzheimer Disease: Alzheimer dementia with sparse amyloid^{unicode 2014}AD mimic or variant? Journal Article Nat Rev Neurol,11:674-5,2015,

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