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Hippocampal sclerosis of aging in NACC

   Lead Investigator:    Peter Nelson
   Institution      :    U Kentucky
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    269

Publications: 1 Brenowitz WD, Monsell SE, Kukull WA , Nelson PT Hippocampal sclerosis of aging, a key potential AD confounder: the NACC experience Abstract Alzheimers Dement,9:P542,2013,
2 Brenowitz WD, Monsell SE , Schmitt FA, Kukull WA , Nelson PT Hippocampal sclerosis of aging is a key Alzheimer's disease mimic: clinical-pathologic correlations and comparisons with both alzheimer's disease and non-tauopathic frontotemporal lobar degeneration Journal Article J Alzheimers Dis,39:691-702,2014,PMC3946156
3 Katsumata Y, Nelson PT, Ellingson SR, Fardo DW Genetic Association of the ABCC9 Gene with Hippocampal Sclerosis of Aging Neuropathology Abstract Innov Aging,1:255,2017,
4 Nelson PT, Katsumata Y, Nho K, Artiushin SC, Jicha GA, Wang W, Abner EL, Saykin AJ, Kukull WA , Fardo DW Genomics and CSF analyses implicate thyroid hormone in hippocampal sclerosis of aging Journal Article Acta Neuropathol,132:841-858,2016,PMC5154615
5 Neltner JH, Abner EL, Baker S, Schmitt FA, Kryscio RJ, Jicha GA, Smith CD, Hammack E, Kukull WA, Brenowitz WD , Van Eldik LJ, Nelson PT Arteriolosclerosis that affects multiple brain regions is linked to hippocampal sclerosis of ageing Journal Article Brain,137:255-267,2014,PMC3891448

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