Research Using the NACC Database

Variability in clinical trajectory within AD, FTD, LBD, VD, HSD, CJD and mixed
dementia diagnostic categories.
   Lead Investigator:    Jagan Pillai
   Institution      :    Cleveland Clinic
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    343

Publications: 1 Pillai JA, Butler RS, Bonner-Jackson A, Leverenz JB Slower Annual Rate of Cognitive and Functional Decline in Mixed Dementia Compared to Pure Alzheimer's Dementia Relates to Lower Braak Stage of Alzheimer Neuropathology Abstract Alzheimers Dement,11(7):435,2015,
2 Pillai JA, Butler RS, Bonner-Jackson A, Leverenz JB Impact of Alzheimer's Disease, Lewy Body and Vascular Co-Pathologies on Clinical Transition to Dementia in a National Autopsy Cohort Journal Article Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord,42:106-116,2016,PMC5451902

Proposal Description:
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