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Relationship of cardiovascular risk factors to dementia subtypes

   Lead Investigator:    Brittany Dugger
   Institution      :    Arizona
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    352

1 Dugger BN, Hentz JG, Adler CH, Sabbagh MN, Shill HA, Jacobson S, Caviness JN, Belden C, Driver-Dunckley E, Davis KJ, Sue LI, Beach TG, Consortium atAPD Neuropathological Outcome of Prospectively Followed Normal Elderly Brain Bank Volunteers 2013 Abstract Alzheimers and Dementia 9 P336

2 Dugger BN, Malek-Ahmadi M, Monsell S, Kukull W, Woodruff B, Reiman E, Beach TG, Wilson J Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Their Interactions Among Clinically Defined Neurodegenerative Diseases 2014 Abstract AAIC 2014

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