Research Using the NACC Database

Evaluating the magnitude of potentially inappropriate medication prescribing
and its impact on mortality in the NACC cohort
   Lead Investigator:    Daniela Moga
   Institution      :    University of Kentucky
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    359

Publications: 1 Agogo GO, Gnjidic D, Moga D, Allore H Associations between dementia status and polypharmacy jointly accounting for dropout and death 2017 Abstract 21st IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics ,
2 Oh G, Abner E, Moga D Utilization patterns and predictors of opioid use in persons with dementia 2017 Abstract International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology Therapeutic Risk Management ,
3 Ramsey CM, Gnjidic D, Agogo GO, Allore H, Moga D Longitudinal patterns of potentially inappropriate medication use following incident dementia diagnosis 2017 Journal Article Alzheimers Dement ,
4 Agogo G, Ramsey C, Gnjidic D, Moga D, Allore H Longitudinal associations between different dementia diagnoses and medication 2017 Journal Article Int Psychogeriatr ,

Proposal Description:
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