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Subjective Memory Complaint and Cognitive Aging

   Lead Investigator:    Katherine Gifford
   Institution      :    Vanderbilt
   E-Mail           :    katie.gifford@Vanderbilt.Edu
   Proposal ID      :    363

Publications: 1 Gifford KA, Carmona H, Tripodis Y, Martin B, Cantwell N, Kowall N, Jefferson AL Subjective Cognitive Complaint Predicts Cognitive and Functional Trajectory in Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment 2012 Abstract Int'l Neuropsychological Society Meeting ,
2 Gifford KA, Liu D, Lu Z, Carmona H, Romano R, Tripodis Y, Martin B, Kowall N, Jefferson AL Inclusion of an informant yields strong associations between cognitive complaint and longitudinal cognitive outcomes in non-demented elders Journal Article J Alzheimers Dis,43:121-132,2015,PMC4314962
3 Gifford KA, Liu D, Lu Z, Tripodis Y, Cantwell N, Palmisano J, Kowall N, Jefferson AL The source of cognitive complaints predicts diagnostic conversion differentially among nondemented older adults Journal Article Alzheimers Dement,10:319-327,2014,PMC4064681
4 Tripodis Y, Palmisano J, Gentile A, Jefferson A Subjective Complaint and Cognitive Aging Abstract Alzheimers Dement,7:S545,2011,

Proposal Description:
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