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The influence of brain pathology, APOE genotype, and cognitive reserve on
longitudinal cognitive and functional decline. 
   Lead Investigator:    Brandon Gavett
   Institution      :    University of Colorado
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    432

Publications: 1 Gavett BE Neuropathology Mediates Age, Race, and APOE effects on ^{unicode 03b4} in Pathologically Confirmed AD 2015 Abstract Symposium presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society, Denver, CO ,
2 Gavett BE, John SE, Gurnani AS, Bussell CA, Saurman JL The Role of Alzheimer's and Cerebrovascular Pathology in Mediating the Effects of Age, Race, and Apolipoprotein E Genotype on Dementia Severity in Pathologically-Confirmed Alzheimer's Disease Journal Article J Alzheimers Dis,49:531-545,2015,PMC4858176

Proposal Description:
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