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Cognitive and imaging profiles associated with vascular pathologies in dementia
   Lead Investigator:    Brandy Callahan
   Institution      :    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    441

Publications: 1 Callahan BL, Duchesnea S, Black SE Vasculopathological characteristics of empirically-derived subtypes of mild cognitive impairment and dementia Abstract  Alzheimer's & Dementia,11:7s,2015,
2 Callahan BL, Duchesnea S, Black SE Pathological correlates associated with ante-mortem neuropsychological performance in Alzheimer's disease 2016 Abstract AAIC 2016 ,
3 Callahan BL, Keith J, Duchesne S, Black SE Autopsy-verified pathological clusters in clinical Alzheimer's disease 2016 Journal Article Brain ,

Proposal Description:
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