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Variations across Centers

   Lead Investigator:    Kyle Steenland
   Institution      :    Emory
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    5

Publications: 1 McKee A, Au R, Cabral H, Auerbach S, Green R, Kowall N, Wolf P Microvascular lesions distinguish cognitively impaired subjects without Alzheimer's disease from unimpaired subjects: Findings from the Framingham Heart Study 2005 Abstract Vas Cog ,
2 Rieckmann A, Gomperts SN, Johnson KA, Growdon JH, Van Dijk KR Putamen-midbrain functional connectivity is related to striatal dopamine transporter availability in patients with Lewy body diseases Journal Article Neuroimage Clin,8:554-559,2015,PMC4484547
3 Steenland K, Macneil J, Bartell S, Lah J Analyses of diagnostic patterns at 30 Alzheimer's disease centers in the US Journal Article Neuroepidemiology,35:19-27,2010,PMC2919431
4 Steenland K, Macneil J, Lah J Analyses of diagnostic patterns at 30 Alzheimer Disease Research Centers in the US 2008 Abstract 10th Int'l Symposium on Neurobehavioral Methods and Effects in Environmental and Occupational Health (NEUREOH), San Jose, Costa Rica ,
5 Wolf P Epidemiology of dementia in the Framingham cohort 36678 Grant NIH/NIA R01 AG08122 ,
6 Yip AG, McKee A, Wells J, Green RC, Young H, Cupples LA, Farrer LA APOE, vascular pathology, and the AD brain Abstract Neurobiol Aging,25:403,2004,
7 Yip AG, McKee AC, Green RC, Wells J, Young H, Cupples LA,Farrer LA APOE, vascular pathology, and the AD brain Journal Article Neurology,65:2259-265,2005,

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