Research Using the NACC Database

Analysis of binary long data in multi-center studies with missing covariates

   Lead Investigator:    Andrew Zhou
   Institution      :    University of Washington
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    53

Publications: 1 Chen B, Zhou A Generalized Partially Linear Models for Incomplete Longitudinal Data In the Presence of Population-Level Information Journal Article Biometrics,69:386-395,2013,PMC3715115
2 Chen B , Yi G, Cook R, Zhou XH Marginal Methods for Clustered Longitudinal Binary Data with Incomplete Covariates Journal Article J of Stat Plan Inference,142:2819-2831,2012,PMC3690662
3 Chen B, Zhou A Marginal Method for Multi-level Incomplete Binary Data 2010 Abstract Joint Statistical Meeting 2010 ,

Proposal Description:
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