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Estimate the ROC curve and its area in the presence of nonignorable  
verification bias
   Lead Investigator:    Andrew Zhou
   Institution      :    NACC
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    65

Publications: 1 Chi YY, Zhou XH Receiver operating characteristic surfaces in the presence of verification bias Journal Article J Appl Stat,57:1-23,2008,
2 Harel O, Koepsell T, Kukull WA, Zhou XH Correcting for verification bias in the assessment of the accuracy of the clinical diagnosis of AD Abstract Neurology,64:A69,2005,
3 Harel O, Zhou XH Multiple imputation for the comparison of two screening tests in two-phase Alzheimer studies Journal Article Stat Med,26:2370-2388,2007,
4 Harel O, Zhou XH Multiple imputation: review of theory, implementation and software Journal Article Stat Med,26:3057-3077,2007,
5 Liu D, Zhou A A Model for Adjusting for Nonignorable Verification Bias in Estimation of ROC Curve and Its Area with Likelihood-Based Approach Journal Article Biometrics,66:1119-1128,2011,PMC3618959
6 Zhou XH , Duan X Quantile Regression-based Covariate-Specific ROC Curves 2012 Abstract WFN Annual Regional North American Meeting ,

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