Research Using the NACC Database

Transitions and pharmaceutical use by CDR level in Alzheimers disease.

   Lead Investigator:    Eldon Spackman
   Institution      :    University of Washington
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    78

Publications: 1 Bloudek L, Spackman E, Sullivan SD A Comparison of Transitions between Health States and Institutionalization among AD Patients vs Non-AD Dementia Patients Using the NACC-UDS Database Abstract Value Health,13:A108-A109,2010,
2 Bloudek LM, Spackman DE, Veenstra DL, Sullivan SD CDR State Transition Probabilities in Alzheimer's Disease with an without Cholinesterase Inhibitor Intervention in an Observational Cohort Journal Article J Alzheimers Dis,24:599-607,2011,PMC3593724
3 Spackman DE, Kadiyala S, Neumann PJ, Veenstra DL, Sullivan SD Measuring Alzheimer disease progression with transition probabilities: Estimates from NACC-UDS Journal Article Curr Alzheimer Res,9:1050-1058,2012,PMC3690579

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