Research Using the NACC Database

Robust Norms for UDS Cognitive Test Battery and Utility of Individual Tests

   Lead Investigator:    Steven Ferris
   Institution      :    NYU
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    92

1 De Santi, S, Pirraglia, E, Ferris, SH, Morris, JC, Weintraub, S and Johnson, N Robust norms for the ADC UDS cognitive test battery 2010 Abstract Alzheimer's and Dementia 6 S495-S496

2 Pirraglia E, Lobach I, De Santi S, Karantzoulis S, Glodzik L, de Leon MJ A Comparison of Methods for Deriving Normative Scores for Evaluating Cognitive Impairment 2012 Abstract Alzheimers and Dementia 8 P541-P542

3 Pirraglia E, Murray J, De Santi S, Mosconi L, Glodzik L, de Leon MJ Maternal History and Impaired Memory Predicts Future Decline to Dementia in Cognitively Normal Individuals 2012 Abstract Alzheimers and Dementia 8 P542

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