Research Using the NACC Database

Applied Missing Data Analysis in Health Sciences

   Lead Investigator:    Andrew Zhou
   Institution      :    University of Washington
   E-Mail           :
   Proposal ID      :    94

1 Chen B, Qin J A new estimation with minimum trace of asymptotic covariance matrix for incomplete longitudinal data with a surrogate process 2012 Journal Article Stat Med

2 Chen, B and Zhou, A A Latent-Variable Marginal Method for Multi-Level Incomplete Binary Data 2012 Journal Article Stat Med 31 3211-3222

3 Chen, B and Zhou, A Doubly Robust Estimates for Binary Longitudinal Data Analysis with Missing Response and Missing Covariates 2011 Journal Article Biometrics 67 830-842

4 Chen, B and Zhou, XHA Non-Homogeneous Markov Process Models with Informative Observation Times, with an Application to Alzheimer's Disease 2011 Abstract Alzheimer's and Dementia 7 S366

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