Clinical Dementia Rating Assignment

Calculation of Social Norms Totals and Ratio (Form C2F)

This page allows the user to input Social Norms Question answers and submit them to a program which returns the totals for the Social Norms Questionnaire (C2F)

Select the Social Norms Answers
1. Tell a stranger you don't like their hairstyle?
2. Spit on the floor?
3. Blow your nose in public?
4. Ask a coworker their age?
5. Cry during a movie at the theater?
6. Cut in line if you are in a hurry?
7. Laugh when you yourself trip and fall?
8. Eat pasta with your fingers?
9. Tell a coworker your age?
10. Tell someone your opinion of a movie they haven't seen?
11. Laugh when someone else trips and falls?
12. Wear the same shirt every day?
13. Keep money you find on the sidewalk?
14. Pick your nose in public?
15. Tell a Coworker you think they are overweight?
16. Eat ribs with your fingers?
17. Tell a stranger you like their hairstyle?
18. Wear the same shirt twice in two weeks?
19. Tell someone the ending of a movie they haven't seen?
20. Hug a stranger without asking first?
21. Talk out loud during a movie at the theater?
22. Tell a coworker you think they have lost weight?

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