Download ADGC genotype files for UDS subjects

For researchers affiliated with the NIA/NIH Alzheimer's Disease Centers (ADCs):

GWAS data are available for each of the subjects contributed by your Center to the ADGC Phase 1 or Phase 2 effort that were selected for use in a GWAS study. Please note:

  • A Center can only retrieve data on its own subjects.
  • A NACC account with read-write privileges is required to access these files. To request access, please email for a prompt response (be sure to specify read-write access).
  • The data are in PLINK-formatted files; a PLINK manual is provided for your reference.
  • New APOE genotypes from ADGC — as part of the GWAS effort, the ADGC has derived APOE genotypes on the specimens each ADC submitted.

TO DOWNLOAD FILES: Follow this link to the page with your Center's data.

Chip information: List of genotyping rounds

For researchers outside the Alzheimer's Disease Centers

Please visit the ADGC website.