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Cigarette smoking and risk of dementia: a competing risk analysis

Erin Abner       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Kentucky

APOE and Primary Age-Related Tauopathy phenotype

Erin Abner       

Data File Requested       University of Kentucky

Birth Cohort effects in risk factors for Alzheimer's disease

Erin Abner       ADC

Paper in Preparation       U Kentucky

Double classification system of AD

Nancy Abraham       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Bharathidasan University

Does cognitive reserve differentially impact decline among younger patients
with MCI?

Paula Aduen       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Virginia

Clinical Pathological Comparison between African Americans and Caucasians

2018 Folasade Agboola       ADC

Data File Sent       Washington University School of Medicine

Traumatic Brain Injury Dementia

2016 Mohammed Ahmed       ADC

Abstract Published       University of California, San Diego

Factors associated with conversion to mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's
disease in persons with subjective memory complaints

Sangwoo Ahn       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Minnesota,Twin Cities

Using Machine Learning to Forecast the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease

Jack Albright       

Data File Sent       The Nueva School

Interactions between TBI and APOE status related to the risk, onset, and
presentation of dementia

Claire Alexander       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Ohio University

Early detection of alzheimer disease using machine learning

Rizwan Ali       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Comsats university islamabad, Abbottabad campus

The Contribution of Cerebral Microbleeds to the Clinical and Neuropathological
Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease

Michael Alosco       ADC

Data File Requested       Boston University School of Medicine

Association between a history of TBI and cognitive decline in subjects with
autopsy confirmed AD

2018 Michael Alosco       ADC

Paper Submitted       Boston ADC

The Relationships Among Body Mass Index, Alzheimer's Disease Neuropathology,
and Cerebrovascular Disease

2017 Michael Alosco       ADC

Paper Published       Boston University

White matter signal abnormalities in Alzheimer's disease

2018 Michael Alosco       ADC

Paper Published       Boston University Alzheimer?s Disease and CTE Cent

Alzheimer early predication using Big Data analysis.

2018 Abdal Alsaedi       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Western Michigan University

The neurology of social behavior in frontotemporal dementia: Dissociating
frontal and temporal variants

Ahmad Alsemari       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       William James College

Linking neuroscience and social work: the association between social factors
and neuropathology in later-life

Takashi Amano       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Washington University in St. Louis

Impact of Depression Symptoms on Executive Functioning and Processing Speed in
Older Adults

2018 Sarah Anderson       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Pacific University

Impact of depression on executive functioning and
processing speed in older adults who develop Alzheimer's dementia

Sarah Anderson       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Pacific University

Why do so many clinical trials for possible therapies for Alzheimer?s disease

2017 Roy Anderson       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Imperial College London

Genetic factors affecting the response to donepezil in MCI

Liana Apostolova       ADC

Data File Sent       Indiana ADC

Cognitive decline among older African Americans with AD living in nursing homes

Zyra Apugan       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UMSL College of Nursing

Mathematical modeling of frailty, cognition, and neuropathology

2018 Joshua Armstrong       

Paper Submitted       Dalhousie University

Nighttime Behavior Prevalence in Relation to Declining Cognition in Subjects
With or Without Alzheimer???s Disease Pathology

Adrienne Atayde       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       St. Michael's Hospital

Association of Declining Cognitive Status and Nighttime Behaviour Prevalence
Along the Spectrum of Alzheimer's Disease Severity

2018 Adrienne Atayde       Non-ADC

Abstract Accepted       St. Michael's Hospital (University of Toronto)

Network analysis of cognitive symptom domains in Alzheimer?s Disease

Abigail Baily       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Nevada Las Vegas

Aggregate effects of vascular risk on neuropathology across the spectrum from
Alzheimer's disease to vascular dementia

Katherine Bangen       ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of California, San Diego

The neuropathology of empirically-derived mild cognitive impairment subtypes

Katherine Bangen       ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of California, San Diego

Subjective Memory Complaints in Cultural Majority and Minority Groups

2018 Justin Barber       ADC

Abstract Accepted       University of Kentucky

Barriers to engagement in genetic research

2018 Shoshana Bardach       Junior

Abstract Accepted       University of Kentucky

APOE e2 is associated with less atrophy and slower progression in controls, MCI

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Automated estimates of white matter hyperintensity (WMH) volumes are associated

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

First predominant symptom development in MCI and AD

2018 Josephine Barnes       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       UCL Institute of Neurology

Subjects with a family history of dementia show different atrophy patterns to
those without a family history of dementia

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Symptoms are associated with atrophy patterns in Alzheimer disease (AD).

2018 Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Paper Published       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

The effects of age on atrophy rates in controls, MCI and AD subjects.

2018 Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Vascular risk factors and events are associated with specific atrophy patterns
in AD

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Genetic Variation Underlying Traumatic Brain Injury and Late-Onset Alzheimer's

Sandra Barral       ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia U

Utilization and effectiveness of pharmaceutical therapies used throughout the
care trajectory of dementia patients

Douglas Barthold       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Washington

Amyloid measures across plasma, CSF and PET scans

Randy Bateman       ADC

Data File Requested       Wash U ADC

Characterizing differences in NPS between FTLD tau-positive group and the FTLD
tau-negative group.

2017 Daniel Bateman       Junior

Abstract Published       Indiana ADC

Relationship between AD patients with TDP-43, alpha-synuclein pathology and

Ece Bayram       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Neuroimaging measures to design novel biomarkers for neurodegenerative

Mirza Faisal Beg       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Simon Fraser University

Association of the frailty syndrome and risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

2017 Susan Bell       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Vanderbilt Univeristy Medical Center

Supplementary Scores for the Uniform Data Set 3.0: Normative data and
exploration in clinical populations

2018 Jared Benge       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       Baylor Scott and White Health

Psychometric Evaluation of the Geriatric Depression Scale: Rates of missing
data and measurement invariance by level of cognitive impairment

Antonia Bennett       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of North Carolina

Hydrophilic vs Lipophilic Statin Therapy in Mild Cognitive Impairment

2018 Christian Bergman       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       EVMS

A model for early prediction of Alzheimer disease using a hybrid data mining

Alaa Bessadok       

Data File Requested       High institute of management - Gabes , Tunisia

Characterizing PD-MCI in the NACC sample

2014 Lilah Besser       NACC

Paper Published       NACC

Clinical characteristics among asymptomatic PART subjects

2017 Lilah Besser       NACC

Paper Published       NACC

Clinical diagnoses in those with primary age related tauopathy and AD

2018 Lilah Besser       NACC

Abstract Accepted       NACC

Pulse Pressure and clinical and neuropathological AD and CVD

2017 Lilah Besser       NACC

Abstract Published       NACC

UDS 3 descriptive paper

Lilah Besser       NACC

Data File Requested       NACC

An Econometric Analysis of Non-Genetic and Genetic Risk Factors Associated with

Rhea Bhatta       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Pennsylvania

Prediction of Disease causing genes using meta heuristic approach

Oieswarya Bhowmik       Non-ADC


The Impact of Latino Values and Cultural Beliefs on Brain Donation: Developing

2017 Ann Bilbrey       ADC

In Press       Stanford University School of Medicine

Hierarchical models of cognitive decline

Aidan Bindoff       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre

Small vessel disease and beta-amyloid deposition in mildly impaired cognition

2018 Deborah Blacker       ADC

Paper Published       Mass ADRC

Estimation of APOE risk curves for the Alzheimer Prevention Initiative

2015 Deborah Blacker       ADC

Paper Published       Mass General Hospital

The intersection of amyloid and cerebrovascular pathology: the perivascular

Erin Boespflug       

Data File Requested       Oregon Health Science University

Neuropsychological differentiation of early-onset and late-onset Alzheimer's

2018 Corey Bolton       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       Wheaton College

Investigating the link between language impairments and neuropathology in PPA

Joseph Boscarino       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       William James College

Exploring possible risk factors associated with frontotemporal dementia and
primary progressive aphasia

2018 Joseph Boscarino       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       William James College

Hearing and visual impairments and link to dementia

Willa Brenowitz       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       UCSF

Prevalence of mixed neuropathologies in autopsied older adults and associations

2017 Willa Brenowitz       NACC

Paper Published       

CBA of hearing aids in connection with reducing the symptoms of dementia

Robert Brent       

Data File Requested       Fordham University

Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of Years of Education as an intervention in
Alzheimer's Disease

2018 Robert Brent       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Fordham University

Quantitative Imaging to Detect Regional Neurodegeneration in AD and other

2017 James Brewer       ADC

Abstract Published       UC San Diego

Hearing Impairment and Domains of Cognitive Impairment

Katharine Brewster       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       New York State Psychiatric Institute / Columbia

Nighttime behaviors in persons with MCI and Alzheimer?s disease

Glenna Brewster       ADC

Data File Sent       Emory University

A machine learning approach to predicting conversion to Alzheimer?s disease
using neuropsychological test data

Emily Brickell       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       VA North Texas Healthcare System

Sleep disturbance and longitudinal changes in cognition and Alzheimer?s
Disease biomarkers in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid

Omonigho Bubu       ADC

Data File Requested       NYU Langone Health

Sleep disturbance, vascular burden and prospective cognitive decline in
Cognitive Normal and MCI Elderly

Omonigho Bubu       ADC

Data File Requested       NYU Langone Health

Integrative computational model for predicting conversion from mild cognitive
impairment to Alzheimer's disease

Magda Bucholc       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Ulster University

The DIAN and NACC UDS Comparison Study

2016 Virginia Buckles       ADC

Abstract Published       Washington University School of Medicine

Personalised Survival Analysis in Alzheimer's Disease

Charley Budgeon       

Data File Sent       University of Western Australia

Estimating transition probabilities for Alzheimer's disease states

Marric Buessing       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Medicus Economics, LLC

Variability in MMSE performance across time between Hispanic and non-Hispanic

Shanna Burke       ADC

Data File Requested       Florida International University

African-Americans and Alzheimer's Disease: Understanding the Risk Factors

2018 Shanna Burke       ADC

Paper Published       Florida international University

Computerizing the conversation: A codified approach to consensus diagnosis

2018 Shanna Burke       ADC

Abstract Submitted       Florida International University

Factors Influencing Attrition Over Time

2018 Shanna Burke       ADC

Paper Submitted       Florida international University

Interactions between Behavioral Factors and APOE in predicting Alzheimer's

2017 Shanna Burke       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Simmons College

Sex differences in brain structures and progression to mild cognitive
impairment and probable Alzheimer?s disease development

2018 Shanna Burke       ADC

Paper Published       Florida International University

longitudinal aspects of prescription drug usage during various stages of

2018 Shanna Burke       ADC

Paper Published       Florida international University

Early Detection of Declines in Executive Functions in Frontal Lobe Dementia,
Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson?s Dementia

Kathy Burson       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Fielding Graduate University

Symptomatic treatment use and Alzheimer's disease progression in the NACC

Lesley Butler       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       F. Hoffman-La Roche

Machine learning methods for risk prediction of late-onset Alzheimer's

Janet Cady       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Parabon Nanolabs

Etiologies of mild cognitive impairment subtypes in Parkinson's disease

Brandy Callahan       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Calgary

Cognitive and imaging profiles associated with vascular pathologies in dementia

2016 Brandy Callahan       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Early signs of dementia in bipolar disorder

2017 Brandy Callahan       Non-ADC


Operationalizing impaired performance in neuropsychological assessment: A
comparison of the use of published versus sample-bases normative data

2017 Brandy Callahan       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       University of Calgary

The Cognitive Cerebellum in Aging and Dementia

Erik Carlson       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Washington/ VA Puget Sound

The effect of SSRI use on the clinical presentation of Alzheimer's disease and

Sienna Carpenter       ADC

Data File Requested       Boston University Medical Center

A computational system for aiding diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and related

Carolina Carvalho       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Fluminense Federal University

Estimating AD-PS scores for African Americans

Ramon Casanova       ADC

Data File Requested       Wake Forest School of Medicine

Cognitive trajectories in amyloid positive and negative subjects

Richard Caselli       ADC

Data File Requested       Arizona Mayo ADC

Analysis of AD as a multistep process

Neil Cashman       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of British Columbia

Deep neural network application to multi-modal brain imaging data for
individualized predictive modeling in AD

Jiook Cha       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Columbia University Medical Center

Deep Learning of Brain Images for Classifying High-Risk Alzheimer's Disease

Harshil Champaneria       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Arizona State University

Statistical methods for identifying regions with non-null mean difference in
Amyloid PET images

Gary Chan       NACC

Data File Requested       University of Washington

Classify the cause of Alzheimer's disease

Fadoia Chaouech       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       institut superieur de gestion de gabes

A Brief Report on the Appropriateness of the MMSE score as an

2016 Kimberly Chapman       ADC

Paper Published       Boston University

Ancient Migrational Adaptation influences current Immunological Performance

River Charles       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Minnesota Medical School

Common Polygenic Basis of Brain Morphology and Neurodegenerative Disorders from

Chi-Hua Chen       

Data File Sent       University of California San Diego

Research on the statistical methods for longitudinal data in diagnostic

Fangyao Chen       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       School of Public Health, Xi'an Jiaotong Universit

Machine Learning Approach to Predict Dementia Progression

2016 Chih-Lin Chi       

Paper in Preparation       University of Minnesota, School of Nursing

Difference in cognitive function and related brain structure in depressive

Sooyun Cho       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Seoul National University

Simulation study on the area under the ROC curve in the presence of missingness

2017 Hunyong Cho       Non-ADC

In Press       Loyola University Chicago

Investigating the Genetic Contribution to Functional Brain Changes in

2017 Leigh Christopher       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Stanford University

Evaluating cognitive change in longitudinal neuropsychological assessments

Jonathan Clapp       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of South Florida

Single cell RNA-seq and epigenetic profiling of PBMCs

Christine Cheng Patrick Cleary       

Data File Requested       

Development of an equation to predict Alzheimer?s disease severity

Stephanie Cline       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Medical University of South Carolina

Longitudinal Evaluation of Familial Frontotemporal Dementia Subjects

Yann Cobigo       ADC

Data File Sent       Memory and Aging Center

The effects of depression on functional impairment in Lewy body dementia

2015 Katie Conniff       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Palo Alto University

Vascular Contributions to Dementia and Genetic Risk Factors for Alzheimer?s

Joey Contreras       ADC

Data File Requested       U Southern California

Racial differences in the disparity between clinician and neuropsychological

Amanda Cook Maher       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Depression and Cognitive
Changes in Alzheimer's Disease

Nicole Coolbrith       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       William James College

Development of a Calculator for Alzheimer's Disease Risk

Shanna Cooper       ADC

Data File Sent       UC San Diego

Genome-wide association study of neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia

Byron Creese       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Exeter

Modifier Genes that Influence Age at Onset or Protect Against Development of
Alzheimer's Disease (AD)

2017 Carlos Cruchaga       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Washington University St Louis

Principal Factor Analysis for Neuropsych Battery

Jessica Culhane       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Washington (NACC)

Reliability of Self-Reported Medical Histories in Older Adults With and Without

2018 Nicholas Curcio       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       UT-Southwestern Medical Center

Studying the effect of white matter hyperintensities in different brain regions

2017 Mahsa Dadar       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Studying the effect of white matter hyperintensiti

Prediction of various Neuro-Degenerative diseases' through Machine Learning
Approaches based on various linguistic markers and acoustic features

Hemanth Dandi       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Arizona State University

Neural correlates of delusions and hallucinations in dementia

Ryan Darby       ADC

Data File Sent       BIDMC/MGH Massachusetts ADRC

Assessing the impact of delays in onset of mild cognitive impairment on the

2016 Matthew Davis       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Medicus Economics

Assessing the impact of delays in onset of mild cognitive impairment on the
epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease

2017 Mathew Davis       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Medicus Economics, LLC

Embedded Performance Validity Tests in Normal Adults, Mild Cognitive

2018 Jeremy Davis       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Utah School of Medicine, PMR

Data driven extraction of complementary structural MRI biomarkers for
predicting conversion to dementia

Dante Alberto De Nigris Moreno       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Arctic Fox AI

Intra-individual Cognitive Variability as a Predictive Sign of Future Cognitive

Alyssa De Vito       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Louisiana State University

Creating Patient Segments by examining indicator's associated with Prodromal
Alzheimer's Disease

Dominic DeBiaso       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       McKinsey Company

Prediction of Psychosis in Alzheimer's Disease

Mary Ann DeMichele-Sweet       ADC

Data File Requested       U Pitt

Sex differences in Alzheimer's Disease

Tyler Demarest       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       NIA

Generating a Brain Mesh Library

Mark Anthony Demetillo       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Stevens Institute of Technology

The Impact of Vascular Burden on Neuropsychological and Instrumental Daily
Functioning in Parkinson?s Disease

Kyle Dennison       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology

Statin Use, Incidence of AD, and Neuropsychological Correlates: An Analysis of

2018 Kyle Dennison       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology

Disease Progression and Clinical Outcomes among People with Early Stages of
Alzheimer's Disease

Urvi Desai       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Analysis Group, Inc.

Alzheimer's Disease Transition Probabilities in the National Alzheimer's

2018 Urvi Desai       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Analysis Group, Inc.

Modifiable risk factors for frontotemporal lobar degeneration

Rahul Desikan       ADC

Data File Requested       UCSF

Multimodal contributions to dementia risk

Rahul Desikan       ADC

Data File Requested       UCSF

Alzheimer's disease genetic risk factors, neuropathology, and cognitive
decline in individuals with African ancestry

Kacie Deters       ADC

Data File Requested       Stanford

Association between Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Development/Progression of

Kimberly Diah       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Nova Southeastern University

Neuropsychiatric Presentations of Alzheimer's Disease at Age of Onset that
Impact Cognitive and Daily Life Functioning in later life.

2016 Kimberly Diah       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Nova Southeastern University

MRI markers of neurodegenerative neuropathology

Bradford Dickerson       ADC

Data File Requested       Massachusetts ADRC

Group Based Trajectory Model for Hippocampal Sclerosis and Alzheimer's

Xiuhua Ding       ADC

Data File Sent       Department of Biostatistics

Interaction between sleep apnea and Apoe2 allele and/or APoE3 allele on the
risk of dementia

Xiuhua Ding       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Western Kentucky University

Application of Big Data Analytical Approaches to NACC UDS data

2018 Hiroko Dodge       ADC

Paper Published       Oregon Health Science University

Developing tractography algorithms for detecting abnormal structural brain
networks in Alzheimer's disease: Application to NACC data

2018 Hiroko Dodge       ADC

Paper Published       Oregon Health Science University

ROC analysis of UDS neuropsychological tests

2018 Hiroko Dodge       ADC

Paper Published       OHSU

UDS 3 Norms

2018 Hiroko Dodge       ADC

Abstract Accepted       Oregon ADC

Characteristics of cognitively impaired Spanish-speaking individuals of
Hispanic origin in the NACC database

2018 Karen Dorsman       ADC

Abstract Accepted       UCSF

Tablet-based Cognitive Assessment Tool-Latino Version (TabCAT-LV)

Karen Dorsman (Principal Investigator: Serggio Lanata)       ADC

Abstract Submitted       University of California, San Francisco

TISSUE REQUEST - Previously Collected Alzheimer's Tissues for Pro

Grace Droblas       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Matrix Biological, Inc.

Estimating the causal effect of time-dependent antidepressant usage on survival

Ran Duan       ADC

Data File Requested       Department of Biostatistics,University of Kentucky

Neuropathology diagnoses and landscape across the Hispanic/Latino spectrum

Brittany Dugger       ADC

Data File Requested       University of California Davis

Relationship of cardiovascular risk factors to dementia subtypes

2014 Brittany Dugger       Junior

Paper Published       Arizona

Neuropsychological profiles associated with sleep disturbance and diagnostic
group using the NACC Unified Data Set

Paul Dukarm       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

Pre-Cancer Cognitive Function and Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment Outcomes
in Older Adults With Normal Cognitive Function and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Jennifer Eastman       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medici

Improved detection of Alzheimer's disease by fusion of extraction and
segmentation methods

Amira Echtioui       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Enis- route de gremda sfax tunisie

Exploring MCI subtypes in the NACC database

Emily Edmonds       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of California San Diego

Alzheimer Disease progression based on LSTM and CNN deep learning techniques

Shaker El-Sappagh       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Inha University

Alzheimer's disease classification rate enhanced using missing and imbalanced

Yuri Elias Rodrigues       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Federal University of Rio Grande dos Sul

Using machine learning for predictive analytics for Alzheimer?s disease

Ali Ezzati       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Combined magnetic resonance imaging and genetic risks to enhance early
detection of dementia

Chun Fan       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Multimodal Imaging Services Corporation

Genetic predisposition to neuropathologically-defined endophenotypes

David Fardo       ADC

Data File Sent       U Kentucky

Neuropathological studies of primary age-related tauopathy: the PART working

Kurt Farrell       ADC

Data File Sent       Mount Sinai

Targeting antibodies to Alzheimer, Parkinson and MCI

Mike Fassler       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       

Intracellular signaling pathways in the immune cells

Rosemary Fernandez       ADC

Data File Requested       Stanford

The relationship of blood pressure to cognitive changes and brain volume
changes in controls, MCI and AD patients

2017 Cassy Fiford       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       UCL

Neuroimaging Correlates of Delusions in Alzheimer's Disease and Related

2017 Corinne Fischer       

Paper Published       

Genetic, clinical and environmental factors and cognitive decline in AD

2018 Ekaterina Galkina       Non-ADC

Paper Published       UMass Lowell

Late life depression and risk of Alzheimer???s dementia: A longitudinal
analysis to determine predictors of increased risk among non-demented older

2018 Damien Gallagher       Non-ADC

In Press       Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: Similarity in African-Americans and Caucasians
with Alzheimer's Disease

2018 Umesh Gangishetti       ADC

Paper Published       Emory University

Validation of non-amyloid, non-Tau CSF biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease

2018 Umesh Gangishetti       ADC

Abstract Published       Emory

Comorbidity burden and neuropathology

Sujuan Gao       ADC

Data File Requested       Indiana U

Alzheimer's and Education

Asabe Garba       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Saint Louis University

Association Between Predicted Risk Factors and Alzheimer's disease Onset in
African Americans

Asabe Garba       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Saint Louis University

Dementia and Socialization

Asabe Garba       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Saint Louis University

Neuropathology and Functonal, Cognitive, and Neuropsychiatric symptoms
in Misdiagnosed AD

Kathryn Gauthreaux       NACC

Paper in Preparation       NACC

Cognitive aging trajectories in Alzheimers disease

2015 Brandon Gavett       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Measurement invariance of delta

2016 Brandon Gavett       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       University of Colorado

Rates of abnormal test scores in patients with and without neurodegenenerative

2015 Brandon Gavett       

Abstract Published       University of Colorado

The influence of brain pathology, APOE genotype, and cognitive reserve on
longitudinal cognitive and functional decline.

2015 Brandon Gavett       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Colorado

Exploring the cognitive and motor predictors of finance and medication

2018 Clarissa Giebel       Non-ADC

In Press       University of Manchester

The contributions of cognition and motor functioning to everyday task

Clarissa Giebel       

Paper in Preparation       University of East Anglia

Modeling learning effects in neuropsychological tests

Daniel Gillen       ADC

Data File Requested       University of California, Irvine

Modifier Genes that influence age at onset or protect against development of AD

Alison Goate       ADC

Paper in Preparation       Mt Sinai

The impact of depression on neuropsychological functioning in Alzheimer?s
dementia: A comparison of the self-reported depression with informant-reported

Dov Gold       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       William James College

Impact of APOE e2 on Neuropathology: Beyond Amyloid and Tau

Terry Goldberg       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Columbia University Medical Center

Proton Pump Inhibitors and Risk for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

2017 Felicia Goldstein       

Paper Published       

Evaluating reliability and validity of the FAQ and NPI-Q

David Gonzalez       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Texas Health Science Center at SA

Anticholinergic Burden Among Older Community-Dwelling Older Adults

2016 Ariel Green       

Paper Published       Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Racial and ethnic associations with behavioral symptom evaluation

Joshua Grill       ADC

Data File Requested       U California, Irvine

Identifying a cutoff for dementia based on self-reported
everyday IADL performance

Alden Gross       ADC

Data File Requested       Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Relationship between functional decline and dementia staging progression of
Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia

Flora Guerra       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Advanced Computational Modelling for the Differential Diagnosis of Dementia

Felicity Guest       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Exeter

Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis using MultiModal biomarker's

Yubraj Gupta       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Chosun university

Course Trajectories and Associated Factors in Alzheimer?s Disease

Rishab Gupta       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Development of NeuroPsychometric Models to Predict Disease Progression in
Alzheimer's Disease

David Gutman       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

The influence of frailty and comorbidity on the progression of dementia

Miriam Haaksma       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Radboudumc

UPPGRAID: Understanding and Predicting Personalized Growth Rate curves to Aid
Individual prognosis in late-onset Dementia

2017 Miriam Haaksma       ADC

Paper Published       Radboudumc Johns Hopkins

Patterns of antidepressant use in clinical progression from normal cognition to

2017 Fang Han       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Associations between thyroid disease and neuropathologic changes in a large

2017 Fang Han       NACC

In Press       Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Cholinesterase Inhibitor Use and Cognitive Decline in Mild Cognitive
Impairment and Mild Dementia due to Alzheimer Disease

2017 Jee-young Han       ADC

Paper Submitted       Washington University

Risk prediction model for Alzheimer's disease

Xiaoxia Han       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       NYU

The association between antidepressant treatment and neuropathologic changes of

Fang Han       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Beijing University of Chinese Medicinec

Modelling the natural disease progression of Alzheimer's disease

Ron Handels       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Maastricht University

Latent Class Analysis of MCI Using Longitudinal Clinical Features

2018 John Hanfelt       ADC

Paper Published       Dept. of Biostatistics, Emory University

Cross-sectional and longitudinal evaluation of neuroimaging markers associated
with behavioural changes in people with cognitive impairment.

Alexandru Hanganu       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Calgary

Identification of the immune-specific genetic architecture common to
Alzheimer?s disease risk and rate of progression

Oscar Harari       Junior

Data File Requested       Washington University School of Medicine

Evaluation of the degree to which the impact of stage of Parkinson's disease on

Kathryn Harris       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Roosevelt University

Correlation between the disease progression and the marker values using Marcov

Houcine Hibbah       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       

Cognitive Dispersion in MCI and Dementia Predicting Pathology

2018 Benjamin Hill       Non-ADC

11      University of South Alabama

Neurobehavioral changes in diabetes: the association among diabetes
medications, vascular and genetic risk factors

Elise Hodges       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Michigan Hospital and Health Syste

Type II Diabetes and the risk of cognitive decline: A Multi-Center Cohort Study

2014 Elise Hodges       ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of Michigan Health System

Title: Genetic Resilience to Alzheimer's Related Neuropathology and Cognitive

2016 Timothy Hohman       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Tobacco and Alcohol Use and Associated Cognitive Decline in the Older Adult

2018 Naomi Holt       ADC

Abstract Accepted       University of Wisconsin

Targeting Lewy Body Specific Pathology Using Biomarkers

Larry Honig       ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia ADC

Demographics, health history, blood data, imaging data, and cognitive testing

Wesley Horton       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Georgetown University

Classification and prediction of AD using neuropsychological tests and imaging

Jinxiang Hu       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Kansas Medical Center

Modeling decline in cognition to decline in function in Alzheimer's disease

Noemi Hummel       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Analytica Laser

Neuropathological Correlates of Progression

2017 Brad Hyman       ADC

Paper Published       Massachusetts ADRC

Fundamental Statistical Methods for Analysis of Alzheimer's and Other
Neurodegenerative Diseases

Katherine Irimata       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Arizona State University

Impact of Cardiovascular Risk Factors on Cognitive Scores Over Time

2017 Katherine Irimata       Non-ADC

In Press       Arizona State University

Network degeneration of FTLD

David Irwin       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Pennsylvania

Cognitive Features and Clinical Course of Lewy Body Dementia

Diane Jacobs       ADC

Data File Sent       UC San Diego

Cognitive subtypes of probable Alzheimer?s disease

2018 Diane Jacobs       ADC

Data File Requested       UC San Diego Shiley-Marcos ADRC

Early-Onset AD: Clinical and Genetic Analyses

2018 Diane Jacobs       ADC

Abstract Accepted       U California, San Diego

Sensitivity and specificity of the Multilingual Naming Test (MINT) in

2018 Diane Jacobs       NACC

Abstract Accepted       U California, San Diego

Automated classification of MRIs into Parkinsons and Dementia related diseases

Shubham Jain       Non-ADC

Data File Requested

Vascular risk factors of cognitive aging

2015 Angela Jefferson       ADC

Paper Published       

Longevity-associated genetic variants and their associations with tau and
amyloid beta burden in primary age-related tauopathy

Kyra Jefferson-George       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Pennsylvania

CSF biomarkers and cognitive function in primary age-related tauopathy and
Alzheimer's dementia

2016 Kyra Jefferson-George       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Pennsylvania

Genetic risk factors of primary age related tauopathy

2018 Kyra Jefferson-George       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Pennsylvania

Biomarker and Genetic Moderators of Cognitive and Daily Life Functioning in
Clinical Neurological Disorders

2016 Mary Jeffrey       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Nova Southeastern University

The GDS and its measurement validity in African American populations

2016 Mary Jeffrey       

Abstract Published       Nova Southeastern University

Effect of a Dementia Care Co-management Program on Patient

Lee Jennings       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Change Point Detection in Cognitive Decline using Longitudinal Data with Floor
and Ceiling Effects

Ming Ji       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of South Florida College of Nursing

Validating Hcorr as an fMRI biomarker of asymptomatic Alzheimer?s disease

Xiong Jiang       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Georgetown University Medical Center

Decline in body weight in the Alzheimer's disease continuum

Amanda Jimenez       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Hospital Clinic de Barcelona

Measurement Invariance of the MoCA and Construct Validity of the MoCA Indices

Samantha John       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Subjective memory complaints in the preclinical presentations of

2018 Samantha John       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Emory University Alzheimer's Disease Research Cent

Computation of statistical models for stroke detection and their validation

Stian Johnsen       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       BrainMiner Ltd

Banked frozen brain tissue from UDS participants with autosomal dominant AD

Erik Johnson       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Assessing Alzheimer's Disease progression across multiple domains with ordered

Linus Jonsson       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Karolinska Institute

Heart failure predicts cognitive dysfunction after adjusting for APOE factors

2018 Miyeon Jung       Junior

Abstract Accepted       Indiana University School of Nursing

Trajectory of Dementia

2017 Eric Jutkowitz       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Minnesota

Comparing variations of cognitive composites across the early Alzheimer?s
disease spectrum

2018 Roos Jutten       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       VU University Medical Center

Early prediction of neurodegenerative disorders

2019 Monika Jyotiyana       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Central University of Rajasthan: Rajasthan, India

Optimizing machine learning algorithms for cognitive impairment classification

Bratati Kahali       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Indian Institute of Science

Neuroanatomical and neuropsychological correlates of abnormal feeding in FTD

2018 Vidya Kamath       ADC

Abstract Accepted       The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Influences of APOE and smoking on white matter lesions and cognitive decline

Takahisa Kanekiyo       ADC

Data File Requested       Mayo Clinic

Measuring memory performance using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment and the

2016 Antarpreet Kaur       Non-ADC

Paper Published       San Diego State University

Integrative Biology and Stratification of Dementia

Daman Kaur       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Ulster

Enhancing Medication Management Through the Use of Clinical Decision Support
Software Platforms

2018 Dorothy Keine       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       uMETHOD Health

Neuropsychological predictors of judgment/problem-solving in patients with HIV

2016 Naledi Ketlogetswe       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       University of Virginia Department of Neurology

Exploring Biologically-Informed Models of Alzheimer's Disease

2018 Raiyan Khan       ADC

Paper Published       Stanford University

Investigation of Gait Changes in Subjective Cognitive Decline

2017 Stephanie Kielb       ADC

Paper Published       Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

Features Found in the Earliest Stages of AD

Ron Killiany       ADC

Data File Requested       Boston University School of Medicine

Cognitive reserve, brain volume and the rate of cognitive decline

Seong Yoon Kim       ADC

Data File Requested       UC Irvine

Education and Genetic Architecture of Dementia and its effect on brain

Yongha Kim       ADC

Data File Requested       Stanford University

Genetic underpinnings of multiple neuropathology

Yongha Kim       ADC

Data File Sent       Stanford University

Genome wide interaction study of pathogenic protein in Alzheimer's disease

Hang-Rai Kim       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Specific Amnestic Multiple Domain Mild Cognitive Impairment Subtypes and

2018 Sahra Kim       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       Loma Linda University

A Moderated-Mediation Model of Alzheimer's disease and Cognitive Dysfunction

Allen Kluttz       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Nova southeastern University

Depression, Anxiety, and Parkinson's Disease

Allen Kluttz       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Nova Southeastern University

Neuropsychological Impairment due to HIV in Older Adults and Minority

Allan Kluttz       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Nova Southeastern University

Evaluation of FTLD module data

2014 Dave Knopman       ADC

Paper in Preparation       

Neuroimaging-driven machine learning models for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's

Vijaya Kolachalama       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       

Observation of neuropsychiatric Symptoms across Dementia Syndromes

Joel Kramer       ADC

Data File Requested       UCSF

Reliability and Validity of Benson Figure Test

Joel Kramer       ADC

Data File Requested       U California, San Francisco

A Deep Model Improved classification of AD/MCI Patients

Sambath Kumar       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY

Applying 'growth curves' to age-associated cognitive decline: an innovative
method to help determine normal vs. abnormal longitudinal cognitive changes in

2015 Robert Jr Laforce       Non-ADC

Paper Published       CHU de Quebec-Laval University

Test performance indicators

Hans Landsheer       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Utrecht University Dept. Methods and Statistics

A parent with neurocognitive disorder: Does the parent?s gender affect the
presence, severity, and treatment of depression in the adult child?

Ava Lapham       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Nova Southeastern Un

Loss of the Y chromosome in Alzheimer?s Disease

Renee Laux       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Case Western

'Phase II and III trial simulators: Using mathematical, computational and
statistical techniques to simulate trial design for new products in the

2017 Emma Lawrence       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Imperial College London

Developing statistical data analysis tools for Alzheimer's disease

Seonjoo Lee       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Columbia University/NYSPI

ROC Analysis

Piea Peng Lee       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Singapore Management University

Summative effects of vascular risk factors on the progression of Alzheimer's

Wei-Ju Lee       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Age-associated Memory Impairment as a predictor of future cognitive decline

2012 Grace Lee       ADC

Paper in Preparation       UCLA

Genome-wide Association Study of Alzheimer's disease with Psychotic Symptoms
Using Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction Analysis

Young Min Lee       ADC

Data File Sent       U California, Davis

How sleep disorders and the progression of cognitive impairment are associated
in patients with dementia

Woojung Lee       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Washington, CHOICE Institute

Machine learning to forecast patient risk of developing Alzheimer's

Andy Lee       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Ikigai

Integration of multi modal data to predict progression to AD

Benoit Lehallier       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Stanford University

Social Activity Factors and Alzheimer Disease

Tatiana Lenskaia       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of Minnesota

Mild behavioral impairment (MBI) in normal aging and MCI

2015 Jeannie-Marie Leoutsakos       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Tree-Based Classification of AD Risk Using KappaTree

Jeannie-Marie Leoutsakos       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Distribution and Correlation of AD survival andprogression rates with

2015 Alan Lerner       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Case Western Reserve University

NPI-Q scores across different study populations

Fanny Leung       ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of Pennsylvania

Study of the APOE2 mediated protective effect during mild cognitive impairment

Zonghua Li       ADC

Data File Requested       Mayo Clinic

Cognitive trajectory changes in African American Veterans with PSTD

Gail Li       

Data File Sent       VA Puget Sound and University of Washington

Dynamic Predictions in Functional Joint Models for Longitudinal and

Kan Li       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Univ. of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Functional Ability Change Trajectory Simulation for Cognitive Decline Patients:

2017 Xiaoxia Li       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       North Dakota State University

The associations between antihypertensive drug and neuropathology changes in

Na Li       NACC

Data File Requested       NACC

Comparing the effects of subjective cognitive decline and neuropsychiatric
symptoms on neurocognitive disorders

2018 Tau Ming Liew       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

Identifying the optimal short version of Montreal Cognitive Assessments

Tau Ming Liew       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Institute of Mental Health. Singapore

A longitudinal pattern based approach to predict Alzheimer's disease via

Ying Lin       NACC

Data File Requested       University of Washington

Traumatic Brain Injury in Early versus Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease

2015 Andrew Lin       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of California, Los Angeles

The Role of Kv1.3 Potassium Channel Gene Variants In Alzheimer's Disease

Maria Lioudyno       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of California, Irvine

Data review of ADC participants 2000-2010

Fran Lissemore       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Case Western Reserve University School of Medici

Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Zihuan Liu       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       MSU

Alzheimer's Disease in Under-represented Populations

2017 Li Liu       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       Arizona State University

Developing case finding algorithms for the timely detection of dementia

David Llewellyn       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Exeter Medical School

Multivariate analysis for the prediction of dementia status and risk

David Llewellyn       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Exeter Medical School

The correlation between white matter changes and psychological illness

Bentley Lo       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Toronto

Traumatic Brain Injury History and Progression from Mild Cognitive Impairment

2018 Christian LoBue       ADC

Paper Published       UT Southwestern Medical Center

Behavioral, Neurocognitive, and Neuroimaging Markers Associated with
Autopsy-recognized AD, FTD, and CTE

Christian LoBue       ADC

Data File Requested       U Texas Southwestern

Machine learning techniques for Dimensionality Reduction and Comparative

Kashif Javed Lone       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Azad Jammu Kashmir

Machine learning techniques for Dimensionality Reduction and Comparative

Kashif Javed Lone       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Substance abuse and neuropsychiatric symptoms

2017 Eugenia Luo       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Case Western Reserve University

The Application and Validation of the Neuropsychological Battery Crosswalk in
Longitudinal Data Analysis

Yue Ma       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Wisconsin-Madison

Inter-individual differences in brain morphology

Christopher Madan       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Boston College

Neuropathological and Neuroimaging Correlates of Cognition

Mike Malek-Ahmadi       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Green Valley Shanghai

Understanding the preferential relationships between the cardinal pathologies
of Alzheimer?s disease and different aspects of the clinical phenotype

Charles Malpas       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       The University of Melbourne

Investigation of a potential interaction effect of APOE genotype and alcohol
consumption on cortical thickness and cognitive function in cognitively normal

Will Matloff       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Southern California

Gene expression differences in those with AD neuropathology and either clinical

Anand Mattay       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Lieber Institute for Brain Development

Insomnia in Mild Cognitive Impairment

Meghan Mattos       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Virginia

Combination of cognitive factors and osteoarthritis correlates with extended
lifespan, decreased mortality and improved survival

Anatoly Mayburd       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       AMI-GO-SCIENCE/ George Mason University

Identification of FDA-approved pharmaceuticals capable of preventing
Alzheimer's disease

Anatoly Mayburd       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       AMI-GO-SCIENCE

Cross-sectional Analysis of Diversity Differences in Ability Discrepancy

2018 Ian McDonough       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Alabama

Predictive Biomarkers of Racial Health Disparities in Alzheimers Disease

Ian McDonough       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       The University of Alabama

Predicting conversion from MCI to different types of dementia (neuropathology
confirmed) using neuropsychological and neuropsychiatric assessment

William McGeown       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Strathclyde

Contributions of Clinical Pathological Discordance Toward Health Disparities

Corey McMillan       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Pennsylvania

Copathology infuences of clinical phenotype

Corey McMillan       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Pennsylvania

Functional and Cognitive Assessments and their Relationship to Alzheimer's

2017 Luis D. Medina       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       University of Colorado School of Medicine

Dementia Modeling Using Deep Neural Networks

Mostafa Mehdipour Ghazi       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Copenhagen

Comparison of the clinical presentation of ethnically-diverse individuals with

Andrea Mejia       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Florida

A liability model to increase power in genome-wide association

2017 Jesse Mez       ADC

Paper Published       Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center

Case study of a unique variant in the NOTCH-3 gene in 10 AD cases

Jesse Mez       ADC

Data File Requested       Boston University

Risk of progression from incident MCI

2017 Tzeyu Michaud       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Univ of Nebraska

The association between weight change, cognitive, functional, and behavioral

2018 Tzeyu Michaud       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       University of Nebraska Medical Center

The risk of progression from MCI to AD: stages defined by cognition, function,
and behavior.

Tzeyu Michaud       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Nebraska Medical Center

Screening for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer?s Disease among Minority
Populations using the Montreal Cognitive Assessment

2018 Sadaf Milani       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       University of Florida

Demographics and health history across dementia diagnoses

Zachary Miller       ADC

Paper in Preparation       UCSF Memory and Aging Center

Development and Stability of Delusions Across the Spectrum from Normal Aging to

2014 Colleen Millikin       Non-ADC

12      University of Manitoba

Trajectory based modelling of MCI to AD progression

Sidra Minhas       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       NUST

Identifying functional milestones in disease progression in frontotemporal

2018 Eneida Mioshi       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Neuroscience Research Australia

Verbal fluency tests for the evaluation of cognitive impairment and dementia

Marcos Mirete       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante

Heterogeneity of Informant-Reported Functional Impairments in Older Adults

2018 Rachel Mis       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Temple University

An investigation of the impact of neurocognitive disorders on women

2015 Daniela Moga       ADC

Paper Published       U Kentucky

Evaluating the magnitude of potentially inappropriate medication prescribing
and its impact on mortality in the NACC cohort

2018 Daniela Moga       ADC

In Press       University of Kentucky

Evaluation of use and risks associated with bladder antimuscarinics

2014 Daniela Moga       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Kentucky

Working Memory and Disinhibition in Dementia

Geoffrey Mok       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Illinois School of Professional Psychology

Characterizes demographic factors of African American participation in AD

Valencia Montgomery       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       UCLA

Examining cognitive thresholds in a population of cognitive normal participants

2017 Valencia Montgomery       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Roosevelt University

The role of malnutrition in cognitive impairment

Valencia Montgomery       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       The role of malnutrition in cognitive impairment

Statistical power in clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease

David Moreno-Dominguez       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       QMENTA

Accuracy of Clinical Diagnosis in Dementia

2017 John Morgan       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Augusta University

Parkinsonism by Neuropathological Diagnosis in the NACC Database

John Morgan       ADC

Data File Sent       Washington University School of Medicine

Variation in Cognitive Function of Mixed Neuropathology

Erin Morgan       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Washington

Factors Influencing Lumbar Puncture Participation in Alzheimer Research

2017 Krista Moulder       ADC

Paper Published       Wash U

Grant Application - Genetic analyses of Alzheimer's disease (AD)

Shubhabrata Mukherjee       ADC

12      Univeristy of Washington

Impact of education and vascular injuries on development of dementia

2017 David Munoz       Non-ADC

Paper Published       St. Michael's Hospital

Methodological Development for Detection of Informative Censoring

Cristina Murray-Krezan       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of New Mexico

Prediction of varied brain disorders using massive data sets in imaging and

Gabriel Musso       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       RTDS Inc.

Pathology of Rapid Cognitive Decline

2018 Christin Nance       Non-ADC

Abstract Accepted       Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Asset Pricing of Life-Contingent Contracts with n-State Longevity Data
Generating Process

2016 Russ Nel       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       EDHEC risk institute

Hippocampal sclerosis of aging in NACC

2013 Peter Nelson       ADC

Paper Published       U Kentucky

Primary age-related tauopathy (PART): a common pathology associated with human

2014 Pete Nelson       ADC

Paper Published       U Kentucky

The NP version 10 form

2018 Peter Nelson       ADC

Paper Published       Sanders-Brown Center on Aging

Analysis of APOE Genotypes and Cognitive Status in the Global Alzheimer's
Association Interactive Network

2017 Scott Neu       

Paper Published       Laboratory of Neuro Imaging

Inherited Maternal and Paternal Risk Factors for MCI and Dementia

Scott Neu       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Keck School of Medicine of USC

Segregation and integration of cognitive domains in healthy and pathological

2018 Angel Nevado       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       Universidad Complutense de Madrid

A FreeSurfer analysis of OASIS and NACC MRI Datasets, an ISEF (Intel
International Science and Engineering Fair) project to study crossectional

Terry Nguyen       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Hawaii at Manoa

A hybrid model for evaluating dementia interventions

Kim-Huong Nguyen       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Queensland

genetics and brain structure

Kaida Ning       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Southern California

The role of executive function and functional decline in conversion from normal

2016 Milap Nowrangi       ADC

Paper Published       Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Biological Mechanisms underlying the Inverse Association of Cancer and

Kelly Nudelman       ADC

Data File Sent       Indiana U

Genetics of Early-Onset Alzheimer?s Disease

Kelly Nudelman Liana Apostolova       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Indiana University

Brain asymmetry in Alzheimer

Christian Nunez       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu

Psychiatric disorders as predictors of onset and progression in Fronto-Temporal

2018 Nicolas Nunez       Non-ADC

Abstract Accepted       McGill University

APOE4 effects in middle-aged EC and PVC

Tal Nuriel       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia University Medical Center

Patterns and predictors of long-term opioid use in the NACC cohort

2018 GYeon Oh       ADC

Paper Submitted       University of Kentucky

Brain imaging presentation of primary age-related tauopathy

Tiago Oliveira       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Universidade do Minho

Base rate of low scores in neuropsychological testing

2018 Javier Oltra-Cucarella       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Alicante

Comparative utility of neuropsychological and functional measures over the
course of frontotemporal dementia

2015 Chiadi Onyike       

Abstract Published       Johns Hopkins University

How early are AD patients diagnosed before they die?

Sylvester Orimaye       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       East Tennessee State University

Association Between Antihypertensive Medication Use and Cerebrovascular

Gary Owen       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       U Kentucky

Effects of medication use on imaging, cognitive, and clinical measures
associated with Alzheimer's disease.

2017 Judy Pa       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       University of Southern California

Shape Analysis of Hippocampi between APOE e2 Carriers and Non-Carriers

2017 Judy Pa       ADC

Abstract Published       Institute for Neuroimaging and Informatics, USC

Sleep Disturbances in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's

Victoria Pak       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Assessing the risk of APOE #9494 in AD patients of difference ancestries

Madison Parks       ADC

Data File Requested       Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

Change detection in serial magnetic resonance imaging studies of age-related

Julia Patriarche       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       AI Analysis, Inc.

Gender and APOE4 effects on brain morphometry, cognition, and clinical
progression to Alzheimer's disease

Christopher Patterson       ADC

Data File Requested       USC Stevens Neuroimaging and Informatics Institu

Cognitive presentation of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Henry Paulson       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Michigan

Comparison of dementia, MCI and mental health status between older adults with
same sex partners and opposite sex partners

Jaime Perales Puchalt       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Kansas Alzheimer's Disease Center

Risk of dementia and mild cognitive impairment among older adults of different
racial and ethnic minorities

2018 Jaime Perales Puchalt       ADC

Paper Submitted       University of Kansas Alzheimer's Disease Center

Clinical Predictors of Parkinson's disease Psychosis (PDP)

Kate Perepezko       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Genetics of mild behavioral impairment

Matthew Peters       ADC

Data File Requested       Johns Hopkins ADC

Analysis of the Interaction between Traumatic Brain Injury and Mild Behavioral

Matthew Peters       ADC

Data File Sent       Johns Hopkins

Structural Asymmetry in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration

Daniel Peterson       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Washington (IBIC)

Investigating effects of trazodone use on longitudinal cognitive change,

Jeffrey Phillips       ADC

Data File Requested       Dept. of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania

Metabolic and vascular risk factors among APOE risk gene subtypes and
relationship to conversion to MCI and dementia

Jagan Pillai       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Cleveland Clinic

Impact of extrapyramidal signs on dementia severity and progression in
neuropathology confirmed Alzheimer Disease and Dementia With Lewy Bodies

Jagan Pillai       

Data File Sent       Cleveland Clinic

Speed of Quartile of survival times in AD subjects after death

2016 Jagan Pillai       

Abstract Published       Cleveland Clinin

Minorities participation in Alzheimer?s Disease research

Giovanna Pilonieta       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Alabama at Birmingham

CSF in AD and TBI

2018 Elizabeth Pirraglia       ADC

Paper Published       Center for Brain Health

Replication of a genetic-risk variant associated with Alzheimer's disease's

Judes Poirier       

Data File Sent       McGill University

Assessing cognitive decline among older adults

Amir Poreh       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Cleveland State University

(1) Neuromorphometric longitudinal normative data and (2) Neuromorphometric
profiles of neuropathological characteristics: an update

2018 Olivier Potvin       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       CERVO Research Center

Comparison of dementia, MCI and mental health status between older adults with
same sex partners and opposite sex partners

Jaime Perales Puchalt       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Kansas Alzheimer's Disease Center

The Unique Contribution of White Matter Hyperintensities to Cognitive,
Neuropsychiatric, and Functional Decline in Alzheimer's Disease

Christian Puzo       ADC

Data File Requested       Boston University

Transformation model estimation of survival under dependent truncation and

2018 Jing Qian       Non-ADC

11      University of Massachusetts Amherst

Does the APOE genotype, gender or other baseline variables influence the time
from age of dementia onset to age at death

Jing Qian       ADC

Data File Requested       Massachusetts ADRC

Misdiagnosis of Alzheimer?s disease: Inconsistencies between clinical diagnosis

2016 Winnie Qian       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       St. Michael's Hospital

Neuroimaging Correlates of Delusions in Alzheimer's Disease and Related

2017 Winnie Qian       Non-ADC

Paper Published       St. Michael's Hospital

Automatic classification of AD using deep learning

Deqiang Qiu       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Identifying factors that substantially impact AD or dementia progression

2017 Robin Qiu       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Pennsylvania State University

Validation of Alzheimer's novel neuroimaging biomarker

Joao Ramos       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       NeuropsyAI

Building predictive models of cognitive decline in population at risk of LOAD
by using machine learning tools.

Jaime Ramos-Cejudo       ADC

Data File Requested       New York University School of Medicine

Clinical, cognitive and neuropathological characteristics of the NACC Latino
Cohort: Evidence for differential risk factors and implications for diagnosis.

2018 Katya Rascovsky       ADC

Abstract Published       University of Pennsylvania

Memory dysfunction in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease.

Kaushik Ravipati       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Emory University

Early prediction of Alzheimer's Disease from MRI Images

Narges Razavian       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       New York University School of Medicine

Neuropathological assessments of fibrillar amyloid burden in APOE e4 carriers
and non-carriers with the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia

2015 Eric Reiman       ADC

Paper Published       Banner Alzheimer's Inst

Ethnic Differences in Longitudinal Cognitive and Neuropsychiatric trajectories

Michael Reinhardt       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Interaction between APOE and life risk factors on dementia

Dianxu Ren       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Pittsburgh

Comparing E4-positive elderly controls with E4-positive younger LOAD cases

Alan Renton       ADC

Data File Sent       Mt Sinai

Neuropsychological and demographic factors affecting the conversion to

2018 Melissa Rindge       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Pacific University

Examining cognitive phenotypes across different demographic variables and
levels of impairment

Jesus Rivera       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Palo Alto University

Clinical Heterogeneity in co-occuring Alzheimer's Disease and Lewy Body

Claire Robbins       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of California, San Francisco

Cholesterol, lipid metabolism, and incidence of AD in African Americans

Rena Robinson       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Pittsburgh

Genetic influence on clinical and pathologic characteristics in Alzheimer's

Jee Hoon Roh       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Dept. of Neurology, Asan Medical Center

Diagnostic Stability of Transitional States in a Diverse Population

2017 Heather Romero       Junior

12      Duke

Predictive utility of a priori algorithmic definitions of prAD for progression
to dementia

Heather Romero       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Duke University Medical Center


2017 Paul Rosenberg       ADC

11      John Hopkins

Cardiovascular Risk, Vascular Neuropathology, and Medication: Impacts on
Cognition in Aging

Lindsay Rotblatt       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Florida

Relationships between neurocognitive functioning and neuropathology in
Parkinson's Disease

Sephira Ryman       ADC

Data File Requested       Stanford University

Characterization of cognitive capacity in relation to biomarkers of

Jihye Ryu       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Rutgers University

AD Neuropathology in those with APOE e2/e2 alleles

2018 Marwan Sabbagh       ADC

Paper Published       Arizona Alzheimers Center

The effect of statins on the neuropathology of dementia due to Alzheimer's

2018 Marwan Sabbagh       ADC

Paper Published       Arizona Alzheimers Center

MRI signature of hippocampal sclerosis

Seyed Ahmad Sajjadi       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       U California, Irvine

Core features of Lewy body dementia

Angela Salemi       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Columbia University Medical Center

Microbiome in tauopathies

Irene Salinas       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of New Mexico

APOE Genotype Distribution in Non-Genetically Determined Early-Onset
Alzheimer's Disease

David Salmon       ADC

Data File Sent       UCSD

AI-based algorithms for the diagnosis of AD

Christian Salvatore       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Institute of Molecular Bioimaging and Physiology

Identification of sRNA biomarkers for the detection, and monitoring of

David Salzman       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       sRNAlytics

On Kernel-Based Estimator of odds ratio using different stratified sampling

Hani Samawi       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Georgia Southern University

Genetic architecture of memory and executive functioning in Alzheimer's

Elizabeth Sanders       ADC

Data File Requested       UW

Need for full time care in patients with Alzheimer's and Agitation

Myrlene Sanon       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Longitudinal Endophenotype Analysis of Alzheimer?s and Related Dementias

Andrew Saykin       ADC

Data File Requested       Indiana University

Differential spatial effects of Alzheimer-related pathology on white matter
fibres of the corpus callosum

Brian Scally       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Leeds

Predicting dementia symptom progression after diagnosis using an

2018 Jeff Schaffert       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       UT Southwestern Med. Center

TBI and Age of Dementia Diagnosis in an Autopsy-Confirmed Sample

2018 Jeffrey Schaffert       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Analysis of genetic association of dementia and handedness

2017 Gerard Schellenberg       ADC

Abstract Submitted       U Penn/ADGC

Genome sequencing of 2000 cases of Lewy body dementia, 2000 cases of

Sonja Scholz       ADC

Data File Sent       NIH

Does insufficient sleep explain differences in aging between Blacks and

Azizi Seixas       

Data File Requested       NYU School of Medicine

Effects of proton pump inhibitors on cognitive trajectories and
neuropathological changes within the Alzheimer's disease continuum

Alberto Serrano-Pozo       ADC

Data File Requested       Massachusetts General Hospital

Does the APOE genotype influence the rate of global cognitive decline (CDR-SOB)

Alberto Serrano-Pozo       ADC

Paper in Preparation       Massachusetts ADRC

Cross-group comparisons of Z-scores

Zhixuan Shao       NACC

Data File Requested       NACC Peking University

The etiology of long term stable Mild Cognitive Impairment

Manu Sharma       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Calgary

Effect of Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Amyloid Burden

Ram Sharma       ADC

Data File Requested       New York University

Cognitive reserve as a protective factor for progression from traumatic brain
injury (TBI) to Alzheimer's disease (AD): Education, bilingualism, and

Eden Shaul       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       St. Michael's Hospital

Outcomes associated with receiving an early versus late diagnosis of

2016 Amie Shei       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Analysis Group, Inc.

Improving the prediction of Alzheimer's disease using machine learning methods

Victor Sheng       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Central Arkansas

Using big data from NACC to construct a predictive models of Alzheimer's

Mingjian Shi       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Vanderbilt University

Effect of APOE genotype on longevity

Mitsuru Shinohara       ADC

Data File Requested       Mayo

The effects of APOE genotype on cognitive function

2016 Mitsuru Shinohara       ADC

In Press       Mayo Clinic

The role of psychiatric disorders and substance use in normal aging, MCI, and

Steven Shirk       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VA Hospital

The role of seizures in dementia: risk factors and effects on clinical course

Steven Shirk       ADC

Data File Sent       Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital

Visual scales of brain atrophy evaluated on magnetic resonance, which can be
useful for differential diagnostics between patients with different types of

David Silhan       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Third Faculty of Medicine Charles University

The Protected Survivor Model for associations of cardiovascular risk factors
with cognition depending on outcome age

Jeremy Silverman       ADC

Data File Requested       Mount Sinai

Risk Factors for Future Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer's Disease in Older
African Americans

Neha Sinha       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Rutgers University

New methods for efficient assessment

Niels Smits       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Amsterdam

Investigating the impact of diabetes on depression and on the relationship
between depression and cognition

2017 Laili Soleimani       ADC

Paper Published       Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Psychiatry

PET imaging in traumatic brain injury, surgical, and drug abuse patients.

Je Yeong Sone       ADC

Data File Requested       NYU

Evaluating whole brain health using Brain Atrophy and Lesion Index:
validation using large datasets

2017 Xiaowei Song       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Fraser Health Authority

Transition from independence to dependence

Eldon Spackman       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Calgary

Traumatic Brain Injury as a Risk Factor for Dementia: Concomitant Risks and

Jonathan Spiegel       ADC

Paper in Preparation       NYU Center for Brain Health

The effect of smoking on Alzheimer's disease

Jonathan Spiegel       ADC

Data File Sent       NYU Center for Brain Health

Validation and diagnostic accuracy of predictive curves for age-associated
longitudinal cognitive decline in the elderly

Frederic St-Onge       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       CHU de Quebec - Universite Laval

Comparison of standardized and non-standardized administration of WMS Logical
Memory Delayed in a population of older adults with probable Alzheimers

2017 Anthony Stabler       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Roosevelt University

Brain-behavior relationships in Cognitively Healthy and Mild Cognitively

2018 Ariana Stickel       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       The University of Arizona

Computational modelling of cognitive data using data mining techniques

Hannah Sudharson       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       SSN

The relationship between interval changes in neuropsychiatric symptoms and a
diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment

2018 Michael Sugarman       ADC

In Press       Boston University

Racial/Ethnic Differences in Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Individuals with

2018 Julie Suhr       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       Ohio University

Anticholinergic Drug Use And Risk Of Cognitive Decline And Dementia Among Older

2016 Sunil Swami       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Florida

Predictors of functional decline among patients with frontotemporal disorders
by diagnosis

Kristin Sweeney       ADC

Data File Requested       Massachusetts General Hospital

Genetics of psychosis in AD

2018 Rob Sweet       ADC

Paper Published       University of Pittsburgh

Multimodal Models for Dementia Prediction and Personalized Actionability for
At-Risk Individuals

Christine Swisher       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Human Longevity, Inc

Alzheimer?s disease Archimedes condition-event simulator: development and

Ali Tafazzoli       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Evidera

Classification of AD patients based on the type of visible abnormalities in

Saeid Taheri       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of South Florida

Assessing Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Patients with Alzheimer's disease and

2016 Carmela Tartaglia       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Toronto West Hospital

A comparison of neuropsychiatric symptoms in early and late onset Alzheimer's

Carmela Tartaglia       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Toronto West Hospital

Evaluation of longitudinal progression of behavioral and emotional symptoms

Antonio Terracciano       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Florida State University

Impaired awareness of cognitive performance

Merilee Teylan       NACC

Data File Requested       NACC

Associations of neuropathology and apolipoprotein E genotype with dementia in
the Oldest Old compared to younger-old age groups

2017 Merilee Teylan       NACC

Abstract Published       NACC

Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation treatment, and Alzheimer?s disease: a
cross-sectional descriptive study using the NACC database

2018 Merilee Teylan       NACC

Abstract Accepted       NACC

Do geriatric depression scale items predict amyloid PET status or other
biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease in individuals with subjective cognitive

Louisa Thompson       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Brown University Medical School

Cognitive Trajectory by APOE genotype

Peter Thompson       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Washington

Conversion time from MCI to AD and from normal to MCI

Lu Tian       ADC

Data File Requested       Stanford University

Anatomical Correlation of Phonological Dyslexia in Primary Progressive Aphasia

2018 Simon Kang Seng Ting       Non-ADC

Paper Published       National Neuroscience Institute

Clinical Characteristics of Pathological Confirmed Early Onset Dementia of Lewy

2018 Simon Kang Seng Ting       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       National Neuroscience Institute

Machine learning for brain imaging in Alzheimer's disease

Jussi Tohka       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Eastern Finland

Categorical factor analysis of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating scale in
Alzheimer's Disease

2015 Giuseppe Tosto       ADC

Paper Published       Columbia U

Brain Imaging and Cognition in Atrial Fibrillation

Victor Tran       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Nova Southeastern University

Mild Cognitive Impairment and Neuropsychological Testing

Victor Tran       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Nova Southeastern University

Outcomes of Epilepsy and Mood Disorders

Victor Tran       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Nova Southeastern University

Progression and Conversion in African American and Caucasian Patients
with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Kirsten Triebel       ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of Alabama at Birmingham

Prevalence of Seizures, Tremor and Gait Disturbances in AD

2013 Paula Trzepacz       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Eli Lilly and Company

Does white matter degeneration occur early in the progress of Alzheimer's

2015 Kai-Hei Tse       Non-ADC

In Press       The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Association between TAU haplotypes and head injury in probable AD cases -
Replication Sample Request

2015 Debby Tsuang       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       UW / GRECC

Predictive factors of conversions from non-amnestic MCI to dementia with Lewy

Debby Tsuang       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Washington/VA Puget Sound

A novel method to detect early AD from circulating blood of AD patients

Shigeki Tsutsui       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Calgary

Protective and Risk Factors of AD and MCI

Emre Umucu       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Texas, El Paso

Tissue on the African-American brains who are ApoE4 carriers

Jeffrey Vance       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Miami

Montelukast in AD

Lawren VandeVrede       ADC

Data File Sent       University of California, San Francisco

Deep-learning model for discovering hidden patterns within MRI images

Yogatheesan Varatharajah       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bayesian logistic regression models for longitudinal data with time-dependent

Maria Vazquez       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Arizona State University

Assessment of Spanish-speakers in English vs Spanish

Steven Verney       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of New Mexico

Cognitive decline and Alzheimer disease progression in older American
Indians: The Uniform Data Set of the National Alzheimer Coordinating Center

2017 Steve Verney       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       University of New Mexico

Efficient Data Mining Algorithms in Handling Alzheimer's Disease

2017 Vinutha Vikas       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering

Comparing Neuropsychological Performance in Patients with early signs of

2016 Gregory John Vitale       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Nova Southeastern University

Role of age in untreated vs treated sleep apnea

2017 Gregory John Vitale       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Nova Southeastern University

Motor symptoms in Alzheimer disease

Jonathan Voeglein       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Clinical and biomarker correlations in autosomal dominant Alzheimer?s disease
with and without Lewy body pathology

2018 Jonathan Voeglein       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Frequency of seizures in the Alzheimer's disease spectrum

Jonathan Voeglein       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Department of Neurology LMU Munich and DZNE Munic

Psychiatric conditions in patients with dementia due to Alzheimer?s disease

Jennifer Walch       ADC

Data File Requested       U Kentucky

Bilingualism, education, and cognitive decline

Hui-Xin Wang       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Karolinska Institutet

Applying the crosswalk study to NACC data and improving crosswalk methods

Jianqiao Wang       NACC

Data File Requested       NACC and Peking University

Predicting MCI-to-AD Conversion Using Neuroimaging Classifier with Artificial
Intelligence (AI)

Lanbo Wang       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Shengjing hospital of China medical university

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Bin Wang       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Taiyuan University of Technology,

Jackknife empirical likelihood confidence regions for the evaluation of
continuous-scale diagnostic test with nonignorable verification bias

Haiqi Wang       

Data File Sent       Georgia State University

MoCa vs MMSE project

Xiaonan Wang       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Univ of Washington

Examining the Relationship between Loss of Set and Cognitive Decline in Older

Vanessa Watorek       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Hartford

Disabilities among stroke survivors

Reem Waziry       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Genetic Underpinnings of the Default Mode Network: Novel Variants Predict
Functional Connectivity

Joseph Webb       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Iowa State University

Distribution of APOE allele in neuropathologically Confirmed AD with
clinically diagnoses amnestic cognitive impairment

Sandra Weintraub       ADC

Data File Requested       Northwestern

Frequency of e4 allele in frontotemporal dementia with AD neuropathology

2017 Sandy Weintraub       ADC

Abstract Submitted       Northwestern

Measurement and characterization of distinctive clinical phenotypes using the
Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration Module (FTLD-MOD) of the National Institute

2018 Sandy Weintraub       ADC

Abstract Accepted       Northwestern University

Profiling and Comparing Alzheimer's disease patient populations in research
databases and electronic health records

Chunhua Weng       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia University

Racial differences on neuropsychological test performance

2017 Amy Werry       Non-ADC

Paper Published       

The influence of vascular and lifestyle risk factors in African Americans vs.

Whitney Wharton       ADC

Paper in Preparation       Emory

Using GWAS Data to Predict Age of Onset

Kirk C. Wilhelmsen       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of North Carolina

Metabolic Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease

Auriel Willette       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Iowa State University

Is Alzheimer pathology (AP) detrimental?

Jonathan Williams       

Paper in Preparation       Northland District Health Board

A test of the hypothesis that Primary Age-Related Tauopathy (PART) is a
meaningful concept

Jonathan Williams       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Northland District Health Board

Autosomal recessive causes of early onset Alzheimer's disease

Thomas Wingo       ADC

12      Emory University

Effect of depression on cognitive decline: Is it mediated through cerebral

Aliza Wingo       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Examining phenotypic differences between early- and late-onset Alzheimer?s

2018 Thomas Wingo       ADC

Data File Sent       Emory University Center for Neurodegenerative Dise

The role of additive and dominant genetic factors in AD.

Thomas Wingo       ADC

Data File Sent       Emory University

The effects of bilingualism on cognitive performance

Laura Wojtulewicz       ADC

Data File Sent       Arizona State University

Graphical modeling of dynamic brain connections due to the changes in the
cognitive ability

Young Woo       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Mount Sinai

Research on Joint Model of Longitudinal Data

Yazhou Wu       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Wake Health

Do Specific Symptoms on the Geriatric Depression Scale Predict Incident MCI or

2018 Mary Wyman       ADC

Abstract Accepted       University of Wisconsin/Madison VA Hospital

Retrospective study of clinical biomarkers of prodromal Dementia with Lewy

2018 Kathryn Wyman-Chick       Non-ADC

Abstract Accepted       Regions Hospital/HealthPartners Neuroscience

Early identification of AD and MCI given their daily and demographic

Nan Xu       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Interactions between amyloid beta and CSF1R in ageing brains

Jun Xu       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Beijing Tiantan Hospital

Longitudinal trajectory of neuropsychological performance and dementia subtypes

2016 Huiping Xu       ADC

Paper Published       Indiana University

A Big Data approach to identify subtypes of Alzheimer's disease AD Drug

2016 Jiaoyun Yang       ADC

Abstract Published       Hefei University of Technology

clinical diagnosis Classification

Jiaqi Yin       NACC

Data File Requested       NACC

HLA genotypes and risk for AD

2017 Jennifer Yokoyama       ADC

Paper Published       U California, San Francisco

Estimation of AUC through propensity-score-adjustment approach under
non-ignorable verification bias

2018 Wenbao Yu       

In Press       Seoul National University

Use of Atypical Antipsychotics in patients with dementia

Ismaeel Yunusa       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       MCPHS University

Network features associated with the progression of Alzheimer's disease

2017 Liang Zhan       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Pittsburgh

Two-sample tests for paired data

Jingru Zhang       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Peking University

Effects of comorbidities and polypharmacy on disease progression in
Alzheimer's disease, minor cognitive impairment and dementia

Tingting Zhang       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       Brown University

Estimating the Effects of Benzodiazepines for Sleep Disturbance on the Risk of
Cognitive Impairment

Xuan Zhang       ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of Kentucky Sanders-Brown Center on Agi

Interactions between APOE e4 status and medication on response to the
treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Jie Zhang       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Washington

Cognitive Decline in African Americans and Caucasians.

Liping Zhao       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Molecular marker identification of AD

Tianyi Zhao       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Harvard Medical School

Explore the risk factors for predicting the progressess

Ji Zhaohua       ADC

Data File Requested       Fourth Military Medical University

The effect of sleep apnea, APOE genotype and its interaction on

Wenjun Zhou       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University

Relationship between apathy and depression

2016 Carolyn Zhu       

Paper in Preparation       Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai and JJP VAMC

Predictors of cognitive and functional change and progression to dementia in
individuals with amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment.

2018 Liselotte de Wit       ADC

Abstract Submitted       University of Florida