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A semi-Markov model for multi-state and interval-censored data: An application
of the cognitive states present in the Uniform Data Set

Jeremiah Aakre       ADC

Data File Sent       Mayo Clinic ADRC

A Bayesian Analysis of the Effect of Statins on Cognitive Impairment in
Alzheimer's Patients

Robert Aarhus       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       George Mason University

Evaluation of the Neuropathologic Cerebrovascular Sequelae of Antipsychotic Use

2013 Erin Abner       ADC

Abstract Published       University of Kentucky

The development of a total score for the National Alzheimers Coordinating

Erin Abner       ADC

In Press       U of Kentucky

Longitudinal analysis of APOE and gender mediated conversion risk in
preclinical AD

2014 Andre Altmann       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Stanford University

Longitudinal Study of Dementia among minority groups looking at the disparities

Edna Alvarado       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       California State University Northridge

Effect of intracranial volume on the progression of dementia

Hoyoung An       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Asan Medical Center

The influence of education level on response to acetylcholinesterase

Hoyoung An       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Asan Medical Center

Impact of Depression Symptoms on Executive Functioning and Processing Speed in
Older Adults

Sarah Anderson       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Pacific University

Application of mixture models to Alzheimer's disease

Frank Appiah       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Kentucky

Neuropsychiatric Presentations of Dementia According to Age of Onset

2010 Brian Appleby       ADC

Abstract Published       Johns Hopkins

Disparities in the trajectory of cognitive function among older Asians, African
Americans, Latinos and non-Latino whites

Maria Aranda       ADC

Data File Sent       USC

Mathematical modeling of frailty, cognition, and neuropathology

Joshua Armstrong       

Data File Sent       Dalhousie University

Behavioral presentation and manifestation of depression in clinically depressed

Edmon Artinyan       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Loma Linda University

Compare characterization of clinical course across different tests used to

Alireza Atri       ADC

Data File Sent       Bedford VAMC Massachusetts General Hospital

Statistical methods for tracking clinical course

Alireza Atri       ADC

Data File Sent       Bedford VAMC Massachusetts General Hospital

Development of Composite Cognitive Endpoints for Presymptomatic AD Trials

2013 Napatkamon Ayutyanont       ADC

Abstract Published       Arizona ADC

Aggregate effects of vascular risk on neuropathology across the spectrum from
Alzheimer's disease to vascular dementia

Katherine Bangen       ADC

Data File Sent       University of California, San Diego

The neuropathology of empirically-derived mild cognitive impairment subtypes

Katherine Bangen       ADC

Data File Sent       University of California, San Diego

APOE e2 is associated with less atrophy and slower progression in controls, MCI

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Automated estimates of white matter hyperintensity (WMH) volumes are associated

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Subjects with a family history of dementia show different atrophy patterns to
those without a family history of dementia

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Symptoms are associated with atrophy patterns in Alzheimer disease (AD).

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

The effects of age on atrophy rates in controls, MCI and AD subjects.

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Vascular risk factors and events are associated with specific atrophy patterns
in AD

Jo Barnes       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Memory performance in ADC/NACC data

Sandra Barral Rodriguez       ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia

Neuropathological Agreement with the Clinical Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

2012 Tom Beach       ADC

Paper Published       Arizona

Association of the frailty syndrome and risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

Susan Bell       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Vanderbilt Univeristy Medical Center

Body Mass Index, Weight Change, and Clinical Progression in MCI and AD

2013 Lilah Besser       NACC

Paper Published       NACC

Characterizing PD-MCI in the NACC sample

2014 Lilah Besser       NACC

Abstract Published       NACC

Late life BMI, Weight change, and AD pathology

Lilah Besser       NACC

Data File Sent       

Late life systolic blood pressure, body mass index, and heart rate, and
Alzheimers neuropathology among those without dementia before autopsy

2013 Lilah Besser       NACC

Abstract Published       

Neuropathology and Functonal, Cognitive, and Neuropsychiatric symptoms
in Misdiagnosed AD

Lilah Besser       NACC

Data File Sent       NACC

Dementia outcomes through predictive modeling techniques

Amor Bhalla       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Arizona State Univeristy

Multivariate analysis GWAS analysis to determine genetic variants associated
with endophenotypes of Alzheimer's disease

Priya Bhatt       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Southern California

Alzheimers Disease and toxicity exposure: a gene-environment interactions

2012 Rhea Bhatta       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Lehigh University

Utility of latent construct of dementia to study the imaging biomarkers

Ram Bishnoi       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Texas Health Science Center

Small vessel disease and beta-amyloid deposition in mildly impaired cognition

Deborah Blacker       ADC

Data File Sent       Mass ADRC

A genome-wide association study of Alzheimer's disease with psychosis

Deborah Blacker       ADC

Paper in Preparation       Mass General

Analytic Strategies for the NACC Database

2013 Deborah Blacker       ADC

Paper Published       Mass ADRC

Estimation of APOE risk curves for the Alzheimer Prevention Initiative

Deborah Blacker       ADC

Data File Sent       Mass General Hospital

Is High Educational Attainment Over-represented Among Patients with a
clinically-diagnosed frontotemporal lobar degeneration-spectrum disorder

2013 Bradley Boeve       ADC

Abstract Published       Mayo Clinic

Medication Use in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (FTLD) as compared to
Alzheimers Disease (AD)

2014 Adam Boxer       ADC

Paper Published       University of California, San Francisco

Poor visuospatial performance and poor delayed recall are associated with
biomarkers of Alzheimer disease in patients diagnosed with corticobasal

Clara Boyd       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Columbia University Medical Center

Characterizing subject informants in NACCs UDS database

2012 Willa Brenowitz       NACC

Paper in Preparation       NACC

Prevalence of cerebral amyloid angiopathy in NACC NP dataset

2013 Willa Brenowitz       NACC

Paper Submitted       NACC

Prevalence of mixed neuropathologies in autopsied older adults and associations
with clinical disease progression.

Willa Brenowitz       NACC

Data File Requested       

The associations of social relationships with risk of incident amnestic and

2014 Willa Brenowitz       NACC

Paper Published       

Next generation Mendelian genetics in familial Alzheimer disease

Zoran Brkanac       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Washington

Frontally-Mediated Syndromes in Late Life: An Exploration

Patrick Brown       ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia

Guojun Bu       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Mayo Clinic

Development of composite measures for AD clinical trials

Teresa Buracchio       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       AbbVie

Interactions between Behavioral Factors and APOE in predicting Alzheimer???s

2014 Shanna Burke       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Simmons College

Visualizing the Impact of Missing Data within Alzheimer's Disease using D3

2013 Randy Burnham       ADC

Abstract Submitted       Washington University in St. Louis

Correlation between height and DLB

Nanette Caceres       ADC

Data File Requested       UCLA

Cognitive and imaging profiles associated with vascular pathologies in dementia

Brandy Callahan       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Logical memory delayed recall, men vs. women

Rick Caselli       

In Press       Arizona State University

Predictors of Cognitive Improvement in Persons with Cognitive Impairment

Mirnova Ceide       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Causes and disease progression of dementia among Asians

2013 Rosa Chan       Non-ADC

Paper Published       City University of Hong Kong

APOE Allele Distributions in Variants of Primary Progressive Aphasia

Dorothy Charles       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Princeton University

Common Polygenic Basis of Brain Morphology and Neurodegenerative Disorders from
A Longitudinal Perspective

Chi-Hua Chen       

Data File Requested       University of California San Diego

Test the reliability of doubly robust estimation with missing response data

2014 Baojiang Chen       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Nebraska

Use of empirical likelihood to calibrate auxiliary information in isotonic

2014 Baojiang Chen       NACC

Paper Published       UW

Nonparametric verification bias corrected inference fo ROC analysis

Monica Chiogna       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Padova

The Effect of Smoking on the Nucleus Caudate of the Vascular Alzheimer's
Disease Patients and its Long Term Effect

Sooyun Cho       

Data File Sent       KAIST

Adaptive Medical Diagnosis Expert System (AMDES) for the Early Diagnosis of

Allan Chong       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       National University of Singapore

Alzheimer's disease (AD) and depression associated with AD

Yulin Chu       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Association of Lewy body pathology with UPDRS motor scores, Neuropsychiatric
symptoms, and Depression scores among persons with Neuropathological AD

2014 Eun Joo Chung       ADC

Paper Submitted       Wash U

A comparison of Alzheimer???s disease patients to cognitively normal subjects
with similar brain pathology

Stephanie Cline       

Data File Sent       Medical University of South Carolina

Beside Still Waters: Alzheimers disease in the African American Community

2013 Shelytia Cocroft       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Wayne State University, Department of Sociology

The effects of depression on functional impairment in Lewy body dementia

Katie Conniff       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Palo Alto University

Validation of the TICS and DQ for Dementia status in the Long Life Family Study

2013 Stephanie Cosentino       ADC

Paper Published       Columbia

Mapping the Trajectory of Functional Decline in Newly Diagnosed Alzheimer's

Joseph Coughlin       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Genetic determinants of age-associated temporal lobe tauopathy

John Crary       ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia U

Modifier Genes that Influence Age at Onset or Protect Against Development of
Alzheimer's Disease (AD)

Carlos Cruchaga       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Washington University St Louis

Relating NPI-Q Scores to the Pathologic Burden of AD Based on NACC Data

2010 Jeffrey Cummings       ADC

Paper Published       UCLA

Aging and Health among Older Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury

2013 Kristen Dams-O'Connor       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Assessing the impact of delays in onset of mild cognitive impairment on the

Matthew Davis       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Medicus Economics

APOE and age of Alzheimer's disease onset

Rahul Desikan       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of California San Diego

Genetic architecture of tauopathies

Rahul Desikan       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of California, San Diego

Genetic pleiotropy in Alzheimer's disease

Rahul Desikan       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCSD

Clinical characteristics of early-onset AD

2014 Brad Dickerson       ADC

In Press       Massachusetts General Hospital

Longitudinal clinical and imaging characteristics of FTLD

Brad Dickerson       ADC

Data File Sent       Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard

Group Based Trajectory Model for Hippocampal Sclerosis and Alzheimer???s

Xiuhua Ding       ADC

Data File Requested       Department of Biostatistics

ROC analysis of UDS neuropsychological tests

Hiroko Dodge       ADC

Data File Sent       OHSU

Missing Data and the Identification of Optimal Predictors of Conversion to AD

2013 Maritza Dowling       Junior

Abstract Published       U Wisconsin

The role of a mitochondrial protein in axonal mitochondrial motility injury in
Alzheimer???s disease (AD)

Heng Du       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Texas, Dallas

Weighted Wilcoxon estimate for the covariate-specific ROC curve

Xiaogang Duan       

Data File Sent       Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

Relationship of cardiovascular risk factors to dementia subtypes

2013 Brittany Dugger       Junior

Paper Published       Arizona

Identification of peripheral DNA methylation changes in AD

Travis Dunckley       ADC

Data File Sent       TGen (Arizona ADC)

Exploring MCI subtypes in the NACC database

Emily Edmonds       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of California San Diego

Visit to visit blood pressure variability and cognitive dysfunction validation
in NACC dataset

Noam Epstein       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Pfizer

Estimation of treatment effects with propensity score in the presence of
missing outcome data

Han Feng       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Renmin University of China

Robust Norms for UDS Cognitive Test Battery and Utility of Individual Tests

2010 Steven Ferris       ADC

Paper in Preparation       NYU

Anti-psychotic Dementia Study

Teresa Filshtein       ADC

Data File Sent       UC Davis, Dept. of Public Health

Decision quality and the use of cardiac rhythm regulating devices in adults

2013 Nicole Fowler       ADC

Paper Published       

Case study of 3D-T1 imaging of Alzheimer's disease

Abdalla Gad       

Data File Requested       Fayoum university

Genetic, clinical and environmental factors and cognitive decline in AD

2014 Ekaterina Galkina       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       UMass Lowell

Diagnostic Patterns and Healthcare Resource Utilization in Patients with

2014 Joe Gaugler       Non-ADC

Paper Published       UMN

Empirical Examination of Mismatched In-Vivo and Neuropathological Alzheimer's
Disease Diagnosis

2013 Joesph Gaugler       Non-ADC

Paper Published       School of Nursing, University fo Minnesota

A Clinical Taxometric Investigation of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias

2012 Brandon Gavett       ADC

Paper Published       Boston

Cognitive aging trajectories in Alzheimers disease

2014 Brandon Gavett       Non-ADC

In Press       University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Rates of abnormal test scores in patients with and without neurodegenenerative

Brandon Gavett       

Data File Sent       University of Colorado

Robust Norms

Brandon Gavett       ADC

Paper Submitted       University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

The influence of brain pathology, APOE genotype, and cognitive reserve on
longitudinal cognitive and functional decline.

2014 Brandon Gavett       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       University of Colorado

Neuropathological correlates of mild cognitive impairment

2014 Katherine Gifford       ADC

Paper Submitted       Boston University

Stability and severity of psychiatric symptoms in relation to cognitive,

2014 Katherine Gifford       ADC

Paper in Preparation       Boston University

Sex differences in rate of progression of three dementia types.

2014 Dawn Gill       NACC

11      University of Washington - NACC

Stability of Dementia Diagnosis among UDS Participants

2010 Dawn Gill       NACC

Paper Published       University of Washington

Impact of different blood pressure cutoffs on cognitive functioning and disease

Felicia Goldstein       

Data File Sent       Emory University

Ariel Green       

Data File Requested       Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Genetic Architecture of Rate of Decline in Alzheimers Disease

2013 Robert Green       ADC

Abstract Published       Brigham Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Assessing disease progression among Alzheimer's disease patients with adult
child study partners

2014 Joshua Grill       Junior

Paper Published       UCLA

Choosing Alzheimers disease prevention clinical trial populations.

2013 Joshua Grill       ADC

Paper Published       UCLA

Examining predictors of AD pathology among cognitively normal UDS participants

2014 Joshua Grill       ADC

Paper Submitted       UCLA

A reliable, standardized general cognitive performance measure in NACC

2014 Alden Gross       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Department of Epidemiology, JHSPH

A new prediction algorithm for mortality and nursing home admission

Yian Gu       ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia University

Body Mass index Change in Alzheimers Disease Patients

2013 Yian Gu       ADC

Paper Published       Columbia University

Maryam Habadi       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of South Florida

Atrial Fibrillation in AD Patients

2014 Vladimir Hachinski       

Abstract Submitted       London Health Sciences Centre, Western Ontario U.

The Vascular Component of Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia

2014 Vladimir Hachinski       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       London Health Sciences Centre, Western Ontario U.

Vascular pathology as a Key Factor for Overall Cognitive Impairment

Vladamir Hachinski       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       London Health Sciences Centre, Western Ontario U.

Latent Class Analysis of MCI Using Longitudinal Clinical Features

2013 John Hanfelt       ADC

Paper Submitted       Dept. of Biostatistics, Emory University

Latent Structure of the Mild Cognitive Impairment Syndrome

2011 John Hanfelt       ADC

Paper Published       Emory

Nighttime Behaviors related to onset of MCI/Dementia and change in cognition

Steve Hawes       NACC

Not Started       NACC

Indices of Reliable Change Over Time

2013 Kate Hayden       ADC

Abstract Published       DUMC, Bryan ADRC

The NACC MRI Database

2014 Kate Heller       NACC

Abstract Published       NACC

Derving Sensitive Composite Scores

Suzanne Hendrix       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Pentara Corporation

Effect of language-of-testing on cognitive measures

Susie Henley       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       UCL Institute of Neurology, London

Cognitive Dispersion in MCI and Dementia Predicting Pathology

Benjamin Hill       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of South Alabama

Type II Diabetes and the risk of cognitive decline: A Multi-Center Cohort Study

2014 Elise Hodges       ADC

Abstract Published       University of Michigan Health System

Title: Genetic Resilience to Alzheimer's Related Neuropathology and Cognitive

Timothy Hohman       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Prediction of Progression in Early Alzheimer Disease

Daniel Horton       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Identification of interactions between genes and medical history for the
progression of AD

Yan Hou       NACC

Data File Sent       University of Washington

A Correlation Study for the Relationship between Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and
Alzheimer's Disease.

Tianyan Hu       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Pennsylvania

A Longitudinal Scale for Disease Progression in Frontotemporal Lobar

William Hu       ADC

Data File Sent       Emory University

Clinicopathologic Correlation of NACC Diagnosis

William Hu       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Classification on disease status transition using transfer learning algorithm

Wen-Yu Hua       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Department of Statistics The Penn State University

Genetic variants associated with rare human phenotypes

Matt Huentelman       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       TGen

Health Disparities in Risks for Cognitive Decline

Travonia Hughes       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Agreement Between Informant and Physician Rating of Apathy in AD.

Kim Hutchinson       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Fielding Graduate University

Risk Factors for Apathy in AD

2014 Kim Hutchinson       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Fielding Graduate University

APOEe2 is associated with milder clinical and pathological Alzheimer

2014 Brad Hyman       ADC

In Press       Mass ADRC

Clinical -Pathological investigation regarding new criteria for

2012 Brad Hyman       ADC

Paper Published       Mass General

Neuropathological Correlates of Progression

Brad Hyman       ADC

Data File Sent       Massachusetts ADRC

Neuropathological correlates of patients with impaired, not MCI cognitive

Brad Hyman       ADC

Data File Sent       Massachusetts Alzheimer Disease Research Center

Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the

Bruno Imbimbo       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Chiesi Farmaceutici

The prevalence of amyloid pathology in non-demented subjects: a meta-analysis

Willemijn Jansen       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Maastricht University

Vascular risk factors of cognitive aging

2014 Angela Jefferson       ADC

In Press       

A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Comparison of Diagnostic Accuracy of the

Samantha John       

Data File Requested       University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Clinicopathologic correlation in FTLD

2014 Aditi Joshi       ADC

Paper Published       UCLA

Trajectory of Dementia

Eric Jutkowitz       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Minnesota

APOE and Relationship to Abstinence from Cigarette Smoking among Older Adults
with Normal Cognition

2013 Rajkumar Kalapatapu       ADC

Paper Published       UCSF

Characterizing Substance Use History in Frontotemporal Dementia

2014 Raj Kalapatapu       ADC

Paper Submitted       UCSF

Different tau aggregate conformations and the rate of progression of tau

Sarah Kaufman       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Texas Southwestern

The influence of smoking history on the phenotype and pathology of dementia

2012 Berneet Kaur       Junior

Abstract Published       UC Davis

United Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) Data Analyses

2010 Berneet Kaur       ADC

Paper Published       UC Davis

Physical Health Characteristics of Cognitively Successful SuperAgers

Stephanie Kielb       ADC

Data File Requested       Northwestern University

Establishing AD risk profiles based on early cognitive changes in normal

Stephanie Kielb       ADC

Data File Sent       Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine

Establishing preclinical cognitive and risk profiles associated with the
development of Alzheimer's disease

2014 Stephanie Kielb       ADC

Abstract Submitted       Northwestern University CNADC

Statistical Method for combining multiple biomarkers

Eunhee Kim       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Brown University

Evaluation of FTLD module data

2014 Dave Knopman       ADC

Abstract Published       

The utility of a language domain rating and a behavior-comportment and

2010 David Knopman       ADC

Paper Published       Mayo Clinic

Mathematical modeling of epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease.

Natalia Komarova       ADC

Data File Sent       University of California Irvine

Quantifying variability in individual specific trajectories between NACC

Jennifer Koontz       ADC

Paper in Preparation       UC Irvine

Neuropsychological, Motor, and Pathological Evaluation of the Primary

2013 Sarah Kremen       ADC

Abstract Published       UCLA

Comparison of motor symptoms in MCI by underlying disease process

2013 Walter Kukull       NACC

Abstract Published       NACC

Simon Laganiere       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Relation of Diabetes Medications to Cognitive and Neuropathological Findings in

2013 Elizabeth Lane       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Vanderbilt University Medical School

Nighttime Behaviors and Cognitive Decline

Hiuyan Lau       ADC

Data File Sent       NYU Langone Medical Center, ADC

Age-associated Memory Impairment as a predictor of future cognitive decline

2012 Grace Lee       ADC

Paper Submitted       UCLA

Modeling disease progression in AD with monotone dropouts

Catherine Lee       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Harvard School of Public Health - Biostatistics

Pathological-Behavioral correlations in FTD spectrum disorders

2012 Gabriel Leger       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Healt

Latent Classes of Cognitive and Functional Trajectories in AD

Jeannie-Marie Leoutsakos       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Mild behavioral impairment (MBI) in normal aging and MCI

2014 Jeannie-Marie Leoutsakos       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Neuropsychiatric Syndromes in Dementia: Evolution, Risk Factors and Outcomes

Jeannie Leoutsakos       ADC

Abstract Submitted       Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Tree-Based Classification of AD Risk Using KappaTree

Jeannie-Marie Leoutsakos       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Distribution and Correlation of AD survival andprogression rates with

2014 Alan Lerner       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Case Western Reserve University

NPI-Q scores across different study populations

Fanny Leung       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Pennsylvania


Xue Liang       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       The University of Michigan-Dearborn

Traumatic Brain Injury in Early versus Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease

2014 Andrew Lin       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       University of California, Los Angeles

Covariate adjustment in estimating the area under the ROC curve with partially

2011 Danping Liu       NACC

Paper Published       NACC

Estimating the standardized ROC curve adjusting for covariate effects with

2013 Danping Liu       NACC

Paper Published       University of Washington

Longitudinal analysis of cognitive decline in amnestic MCI subjects using
multiple imputation

Danping Liu       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       NIH

Sequential Biomarker Evaluation and Risk Prediction for Alzheimer Disease

Dandan Liu       

Data File Sent       Vanderbilt University

Risk of Self-Reported Head Injury in the Development of Mild Cognitive
Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease

2014 Christian LoBue       ADC

Abstract Accepted       UT Southwestern Medical Center

Analysis of Gene-Environment Interactions in Alzheimer's Disease

Iryna Lobach       ADC

Data File Sent       UCSF

Normative data for the neuropsychological assessment from the Alzheimers

2014 Xiaodong Luo       ADC

In Press       Mount Sinai

Clinically Unrecognized Cases of Prion Disease in the National Alzheimer's

2008 Ryan Maddox       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       CDC

Associations of Genotype and Haplotype Data with Cognitive Decline

Jonathan Mahnken       ADC

Data File Sent       The University of Kansas Medical Center

Exploring neuropsychological associations with functional outcome in the

Quintino Mano       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Cincinnati, Psychology

FAQ: Analysis

Janice Marceaux       ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Cognitive and Functional Profiles of Mild Cognitive Impairment
in African-American and Caucasian Samples

Dan Marson       ADC

Paper in Preparation       National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center

Mild Cognitive Impairment in Older, Rural Dwelling Adults

Meghan Mattos       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Pittsburgh

Cost of Alzheimer's Disease

Nicola McCarthy       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Stevens Institute of Technology

Antithrombotic medication use and dementia incidence among mild cognitive
impairment patients with atrial fibrillation

2013 Dana Meranus       NACC

Abstract Published       NACC

A liability model to increase power in genome-wide association

Jesse Mez       ADC

Data File Sent       Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center

Dysexecutive function in Alzheimer's Disease: A genetic and neuropsychologic

2012 Jesse Mez       ADC

Paper Published       Columbia University

Heritability for dysexecutive function

Jesse Mez       ADC

Data File Sent       Boston University

Longitudinal evaluation of dysexecutive vs. amnestic Alzheimer's

2012 Jesse Mez       ADC

Paper Published       Columbia

Pre-clinical AD Susceptibility Based on CSF Biomarkers and Cognition

Steve Millard       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       VA Puget Sound

Development and Stability of Delusions Across the Spectrum from Normal Aging to

2014 Colleen Millikin       Non-ADC

12      University of Manitoba

Role of Metabolic Syndrome on the Decline of Cognitive Abilities and
Progression to Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease

2014 Abu Minhajuddin       ADC

Abstract Accepted       UT Southwestern

Frequency of Frontal Hypometabolism in Autopsy Confirmed AD Subjects

Lindsey Minshew       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Utah

Identifying functional milestones in disease progression in frontotemporal

Eneida Mioshi       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Neuroscience Research Australia

Risk factors for MCI: Traumatic brain injury and depression

Effie Mitsis       ADC

Abstract Accepted       Mt Sinai

: Comparison of symptomatic and asymptomatic persons with underlying Alzheimers

2013 Charlie Mock       NACC

Paper Published       

Genetic differences between symptomatic and asymptomatic persons with AD
neuropathologic change

Charlie Mock       NACC

Abstract Submitted       NACC

Trends in performance on neuropsychological tests for asymptomatic persons with

2014 Charlie Mock       NACC

Paper Published       NACC

Analysis of Smoking and Vascular Risk Factor Impact on Progression from Mild

Stephen Moelter       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

An investigation of the impact of neurocognitive disorders on women

Daniela Moga       ADC

Abstract Submitted       U Kentucky

Evaluating the magnitude of potentially inappropriate medication prescribing
and its impact on mortality in the NACC cohort

Daniela Moga       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Kentucky

Evaluation of use and risks associated with bladder antimuscarinics

2014 Daniela Moga       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       University of Kentucky

APOE e4 and clinical progression in Parkinson's disease

2014 Sarah Monsell       NACC

Paper Published       NACC

Clinical presentation and co-pathologies in neuropathologic Lewy Body disease

Sarah Monsell       NACC

Data File Sent       NACC

Development of a weighted composite score for measuring cognitive decline

Sarah Monsell       NACC

11      NACC

NACC Uniform Data Set Neuropsychological Battery Crosswalk Study

Sarah Monsell       NACC

Paper in Preparation       NACC

Assessing Early Onset Vascular Dementia in African American and Hispanic

Valencia Montgomery       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Roosevelt University

Examining Risk Factors That Effect Quality of Life for Persons With Alzheimer's

Cynthia Moore       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Hawaii at Manoa

Clinical accuracy of the etiologic diagnosis in MCI

John Morris       ADC

Data File Requested       Washington University in St. Louis

Diabetes and preclinical AD

Jill Morris       ADC

Data File Sent       KU Medical Center

Do self- vs informant-reported subjective memory complaints in cognitively
normal persons better predict neuropathologic Alzheimer disease?

John Morris       ADC

Data File Sent       Washington university in St Louis

Influence of seizures and seizure medications on course of AD dementia

John Morris       ADC

Data File Sent       Washington University

Outcomes of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer disease dementia by a single

John Morris       ADC

Data File Sent       Washington University

Factors Influencing Lumbar Puncture Participation in Alzheimer Research

Krista Moulder       ADC

Paper in Preparation       Wash U

Alzheimer's and Vascular Neuropathological Substrates of Empirically-Derived

Daniel Nation       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Southern California

Asset Pricing of Life-Contingent Contracts with n-State Longevity Data
Generating Process

Russ Nel       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       EDHEC risk institute

Basic clinical-pathological correlation in AD

2012 Peter Nelson       ADC

Paper Published       University of Kentucky

Clinicopathological correlation in Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB)

2010 Peter Nelson       ADC

Paper Published       Kentucky

Evaluating genetic risk factors of hippocampal sclerosis (HS) in FTLD

2014 Pete Nelson       ADC

Paper Published       U Kentucky

Evaluation of association between sulfonylurea use and hippocampal sclerosis

2014 Pete Nelson       ADC

Paper Published       U Kentucky

Hippocampal sclerosis of aging in NACC

2013 Peter Nelson       ADC

Paper Published       U Kentucky

Operationalization of Hypertension and Diabetes in the Aged Population Using
NACC Database

Pete Nelson       ADC

Abstract Submitted       U Kentucky

Primary age-related tauopathy (PART): a common pathology associated with human

2014 Pete Nelson       ADC

In Press       U Kentucky

Using biomarkers to predict the progression of Alzheimers disease

Imola Nemeth       Non-ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of Manchester

The role of executive function and functional decline in conversion from normal

Milap Nowrangi       ADC

Data File Sent       Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Diagnostic Accuracy of the MMSE in Detecting Dementia in Ethnically Diverse
Highly Educated Individuals

2012 Sid E. O'Bryant       Non-ADC

Paper Published       

The role of cognitive reserve in depressed older adults

Deirdre O'Shea       ADC

Data File Requested       Columbia University

Effects of 100 commonly used drugs on cognitive performance in older adults.

2013 Karen Obermann       Non-ADC

Paper Published       St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Cognitive Reserve and Executive Cognition in Frontotemporal Dementia

2010 Chiadi Onyike       ADC

Abstract Published       Johns Hopkins

Comparative utility of neuropsychological and functional measures over the
course of frontotemporal dementia

Chiadi Onyike       

Data File Sent       Johns Hopkins University

Prevalence of amyloid pathology in demented patients

2014 Rik Ossenkoppele       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       VU University Medical Center

Shape Analysis of Hippocampi between APOE e2 Carriers and Non-Carriers

Judy Pa       ADC

Data File Sent       Institute for Neuroimaging and Informatics, USC

Modeling Alzheimer disease progression using composite cognitive test score
based on the data of NACC cohort

Kirill Peskov       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Novartis Pharma

Clinical Characterization and Outcome of Subjects with Mild Cognitive

2010 Ronald Petersen       ADC

Abstract Published       Mayo Clinic Rochester

Neuropsychological predictors of dementia progression trajectory

2014 Jagan Pillai       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Cleveland Clinic

Variability in clinical trajectory within AD, FTD, LBD, VD, HSD, CJD and mixed
dementia diagnostic categories.

Jagan Pillai       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Cleveland Clinic

Neuromorphometric profiles of neuropathological characteristics

Olivier Potvin       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Quebec University Institute of Mental Health

Neuroimaging Correlates of Delusions in Alzheimer???s Disease and Related

Winnie Qian       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       St. Michael's Hospital

ACE Inhibitor, Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers, and ApoE4 on Alzheimer's

2013 Wendy Qiu       ADC

Abstract Published       Boston University

Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor and ApoE4 on Alzheimers disease

2013 Wendy Wei Qiao Qiu       ADC

Paper Published       Boston University School of Medicine

Therapeutic target finding of Alzheimers disease via identification of GWAS
analysis related susceptible genes and signaling pathways, and meta-analysis of

Yu Qiu       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Validity Testing of Predictive Algorithms

Anitha Rao-Frisch       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Neurocern

Neuropathological assessments of fibrillar amyloid burden in APOE e4 carriers
and non-carriers with the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia

2014 Eric Reiman       ADC

Abstract Published       Banner Alzheimer's Inst

Clinical and Cognitive Predictors of Severe Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy

2011 John Ringman       ADC

Paper Published       UCLA

Demographic, genetic, and pathological correlates of Cerebral Amyloid

John Ringman       ADC

Abstract Submitted       EASTON CENTER FOR ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE Research at

Explicit estimates for cell counts and modeling the missing data indicators in
three-way contingency table by log-linear models

Haresh Rochani       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Georgia Southern University

CSF Biomarkers of AD: Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Outcomes

Cathy Roe       ADC

In Press       Washington University School of Medicine

Comparison between clinical-pathological phenotype between dominantly-inherited

Catherine Roe       ADC

Data File Requested       Washington University School of Medicine

Effect of Medications on Cognition

Catherine Roe       ADC

Data File Requested       Washington University School of Medicine

Examining the Relationship between Traumatic Brain Injury and the Onset of
Schizophrenia-Like Symptoms

Denise Romanow       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Illinois School for Professional Psychology

Diagnostic Stability of Transitional States in a Diverse Population

Heather Romero       Junior

Data File Sent       Duke

Sex-specific patterns and differences in the core modalities associated with
Alzheimer's disease

2014 Jeremiah Ronqiullo       Non-ADC

In Press       Geronimo Ronquillo LLC

Neuropathological correlates of apathy in Alzheimer???s Disease

2014 Paul Rosenberg       ADC

Paper Submitted       Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


2013 Paul Rosenberg       ADC

11      John Hopkins

Are there major pathological differences between amnestic and nonamnestic mild
cognitive impairment?

Marwan Sabbagh       ADC

Data File Sent       Banner Sun Health Research Institute

Assessing the effect of race and education on the

2013 Michael Sachs       NACC

Paper Published       NACC, University of Washington


2012 Tatiana Sadak       Non-ADC

Paper Published       UW

APOE Genotype Distribution in Non-Genetically Determined Early-Onset
Alzheimer's Disease

David Salmon       ADC

Data File Sent       UCSD

Genetic architecture of memory and executive functioning in Alzheimer???s

Elizabeth Sanders       ADC

Data File Requested       UW

Diabetes and Alzheimers Disease in the Uniform Data Set

2012 Mary Sano       ADC

Paper Published       Mount Sinai

Cross-cultural Differences in the Diagnosis of Dementia

2014 Philip Sayegh       ADC

Paper Published       3620 S. McClintock Ave., SGM 501

International Neuropsychological Normative Database Initiative

David Schretlen       ADC

Data File Sent       Johns Hopkins University

APOE e4 allele and genotype frequencies of normal controls

Erick Scott       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Scripps Translational Science Institute/ TSRI

Clinicopathologic correlation: Alzheimer mimics

2011 Yong Soo Shim       ADC

Paper Published       Washington U

The effects of APOE genotype on cognitive function

Mitsuru Shinohara       ADC

Data File Sent       Mayo Clinic

Normative Calculator for the Uniform Data Set (UDS) Neuropsychological Test

2011 Steven Shirk       ADC

Paper Published       Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital

The role of seizures in dementia: risk factors and effects on clinical course

Steven Shirk       ADC

Data File Sent       Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital

The relationship between cognitive functioning and the cerebellum in dementia

Lynette Silva       ADC

Data File Sent       UT Southwestern

Biracial differences in the relation between systemic vascular health and
neuropathological markers of cerebrovascular and Alzheimer's disease

Jeannine Skinner       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Vanderbilt Memory and Alzheimer Center

Cross-sectional and longitudinal relations between cardiovascular health and
cognitive function in minority elders

2014 Jeannine Skinner       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Genetic variability and cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden as predictors of
cognition in African American elders

2014 Jeannine Skinner       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Association of Cognitive Impairment and Depression

2014 Mark Snowden       Non-ADC

In Press       University of Washington

Channing Sofko       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of South Alabama

Relationship between Domain-Specific and Broad Cognitive Intra-Individual
Variability and Functional Abilities

Channing Sofko       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of South Alabama

Relationship between cognitive, physiological and functional variability and

Channing Sofko       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of South Alabama

Dependence as a health outcome for Alzheimer's disease

2013 Eldon Spackman       ADC

Paper Published       University of Washington - School of Pharmacy

Transitions and pharmaceutical use by CDR level in Alzheimers disease.

2010 Eldon Spackman       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Washington

The Placebo Group Simulation Approach (PGSA): Predicting Decline in Patients

2014 Rene Spiegel       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Memory Clinic, Geriatric University Hospital

Comparison of standardized and non-standardized administration of WMS Logical
Memory Delayed in a population of older adults with probable Alzheimers

Anthony Stabler       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Roosevelt University

Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) as a screener for memory impairment among
elderly Whites and African Americans with mild cognitive impairment and

Anthony Stabler       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Roosevelt University

Neuropathological and subject-characteristic correlates of cognitive reserve in
patients with dementia and mild cognitive impairment

Anthony Stabler       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Roosevelt University

The utility of episodic story memory performance for differentiating older
Alzheimer dementia and behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia

Anthony Stabler       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       Roosevelt University

Vascular and behavioral symptoms predict progression from healthy aging to

2014 Drake Steed       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Illinois School for Professional Psychology at Arg

Hypertension and the effect of hypertension on cognitive decline using NACC UDS

2013 Kyle Steenland       ADC

Paper Published       Emory

Statins and cognitive changes over time

2013 Kyle Steenland       ADC

Paper Published       Emory

The effect of anti-hypertensive medication acting on the rennin-angiotensin
system on cognitive function

Kyle Steenland       ADC

Data File Sent       Emory

The effect of depression on cognitive decline: correcting for the effect of
attrition due to illness and death related to depression and to cognitive

Kyle Steenland       ADC

Not Started       Emory

Diagnostic Accuracy of a Binary Test in the Presence of Two Types of Missing

Jeffrey Stratton       Non-ADC

Paper Published       University of Connecticut

Clinical and pathological characteristics of hippocampal sclerosis dementia

2012 Campbell Sullivan       ADC

Paper Submitted       Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

Anticholinergic Drug Use And Risk Of Cognitive Decline And Dementia Among Older

Sunil Swami       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Florida

Genetics of psychosis in AD

Rob Sweet       ADC

Data File Requested       University of Pittsburgh

Assessing Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Patients with Alzheimer's disease and

Carmela Tartaglia       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Toronto West Hospital

A comparison of neuropsychiatric symptoms in early and late onset Alzheimer???s

Carmela Tartaglia       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Toronto West Hospital

Examining the Association between Neuropsychiatric Symptoms, Hypertension,
Hypercholesterolemia, and Diabetes in Alzheimer's disease

2014 Carmela Tartaglia       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       U Toronto

Determining specific functional declines associated with progression from mild

2013 Edmond Teng       ADC

Paper Published       UCLA/Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System

Investigating the Role of Traumatic Brain Injury as a Risk Factor for
Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration

2014 Edmond Teng       ADC

In Press       West Los Angeles VA/UCLA

The Alzheimers Disease Centers Uniform Data Set(UDS):Using various algorithms
to predict Dementia types with MMSE and CDR

2014 Ya Lun Teng       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Tatung University

Early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Kiran Thapaliya       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Tasmania

The use of the NACC database to evaluate a clinical decisions support tool in

Lennart Thurfjell       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Combinostics

Data mining of large sample Alzheimer's disease for early warning and diagnosis

yuanxiang Tian       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Neuropathology of Depression in MCI and Early AD

Sarah Tighe       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Iowa

Clinicopathological outcome of dementia patients associated with comorbid

Simon Ting       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Singapore General Hospital

Clinical Role of Vitamin B12 in Pathological Confirmed AD Patients

2014 Simon Kang Seng Ting       Non-ADC

Paper Submitted       Singapore General Hospital

Clinicopathological correlation of psychosis and brain vascular burden in
Alzheimer's disease

2014 Simon Kang Seng Ting       Non-ADC

Abstract Accepted       Department of Neurology, Singapore General Hospita

Analysis of disease duration and disease duration modifiers in the NACC
neuropathology database

Jon Toledo       ADC

Data File Sent       CNDR, UPenn School of Medicine

Cerebrovascular changes and prevalence of vascular risk factors across
different neurodegenerative diseases

2013 Jon Toledo       ADC

Paper Published       CNDR, UPenn School of Medicine

Effect of mixed neuropathologies on profile and cognitive change in dementia

2013 Jon Toledo       ADC

Abstract Published       CNDR, UPenn School of Medicine

Analysis of genetic susceptibility loci underlying Alzheimer's disease with
additional feature

2014 Giuseppe Tosto       ADC

Abstract Published       Columbia

Categorical factor analysis of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating scale in
Alzheimer's Disease

Giuseppe Tosto       ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia U

Rapidly progressive dementia

Giuseppe Tosto       ADC

Data File Sent       Columbia

Progression and Conversion in African American and Caucasian Patients
with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Kirsten Triebel       ADC

Paper in Preparation       University of Alabama at Birmingham

Effect of TBI on cognition and its decline

Yorghos Tripodis       ADC

Abstract Submitted       Boston University

Specifically, we propose to apply a longitudinal factor analysis model to a
variety of neuropsychological tests and estimate a smooth cognitive trajectory.

2014 Yorghos Tripodis       Junior

Paper Submitted       Boston University

Cognitive decline and dementia independent of Alzheimer's pathology

Juan Troncoso       ADC

Data File Sent       Johns Hopkins

Prevalence of Seizures, Tremor and Gait Disturbances in AD

2013 Paula Trzepacz       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Eli Lilly and Company

ADGC SAG: GWAS of AD with and without Psychosis

Debby Tsuang       ADC

Data File Sent       University of Washington/VAPSCHS

Association between TAU haplotypes and head injury in probable AD cases -
Replication Sample Request

Debby Tsuang       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       UW / GRECC

Male/Female Differences in the Pathogenesis and Presentation of Alzheimer's
Disease in Pre-symptomatic, Early Symptomatic and Late Stages.

Adaugo Ugocha       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Amherst College

Association of cardiovascular health and vascular neuropathology findings

Eric Vidoni       ADC

Paper Submitted       KU Alzheimer's Disease Center

Role of Vascular Risk factors on progression of cognitive impairment in AD

2013 Anand Visnawathan       ADC

In Press       Mass ADRC

Traumatic Brain Injury as a Factor in Development, Age of Onset, and Course of
Progression in Alzheimer's Disease

Vanessa Vudy       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Motion Monitor for MRI

Abhijit Wander       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Penn State University

Alcohol abuse and cognitive decline in men and women

Yixin Wang       NACC

Data File Requested       NACC

Causal inference with truncation by death in observational study

2013 Linbo Wang       NACC

Abstract Published       University of Washington

Effects of alpha2 adrenergic agents on AD progression

Qin Wang       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Alabama at Birmingham

Evaluate Diagnostic Accuracy in the Absence of a Gold Standard

2013 Zheyu Wang       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       University of Washington

Non-parametric and semi-parametric estimation of quantile residual lifetime for

Yixin Wang       NACC

Data File Sent       NACC

Quantile Regression to Detect Subtle Cognitive Decline

Lan Wang       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       University of Minnesota

Semi-parametric model for interval censored data with a cured subgroup

2013 Linbo Wang       NACC

Abstract Published       NACC

Profiling and Comparing Alzheimer???s disease patient populations in research
databases and electronic health records

Chunhua Weng       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Columbia University

Neuropsychological data mining to understand the sensitivity of various
cognitive measures in early AD

Alette Wessels       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Eli Lilly Company

Influence of RAS acting Blood Pressure Medications on Disease Progression and
Biological Indices of Brain Health

Whitney Wharton       ADC

Data File Sent       Emory

The Impact of Blood Pressure Variability on Disease Progression and Cognitive
and Functional Decline in MCI participants

Whitney Wharton       ADC

Data File Sent       Emory

A test of the hypothesis that Primary Age-Related Tauopathy (PART) is a
meaningful concept

Jonathan Williams       Non-ADC

Data File Requested       Northland District Health Board

Autosomal recessive causes of early onset Alzheimer???s disease

Thomas Wingo       ADC

Data File Requested       Emory University

Does loss of a spouse impact cognitive trajectory in normal controls, MCI and

2014 Laura Wojtulewicz       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Arizona State University

Rapcsak Sensitivity of Different Language Measures

Laura Wojtulewicz       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Arizona State University

Characterizing MCI subjects who remained cognitively stable

2014 Martin Woon       ADC

Abstract Published       UTSW

Predicting trajectories of MCI with medical, demographic, genetic, and
neuropsychological data

2014 Martin Woon       ADC

Abstract Submitted       UT Southwestern Medical Center

Ensemble based Data classification for Early Diagnose of Alzheimer

Henok Wordoffa       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Blekinge Institution of Technology

Clinical utility of the Clinical Dementia Rating Scale for Parkinson's
disease dementia

2014 Kathryn Wyman-Chick       Non-ADC

Paper Published       Pacific University SPP (doctoral student)

Antedependence Models for Nonstationary Categorical Longitudinal Data with
Ignorable Missingness: Likelihood-Based Inference

2013 Yunlong Xie       Non-ADC

Paper Published       National Institutes of Health

Use of UDS to improve clinical trial design on MCI and preclinical AD

Chengjie Xiong       ADC

Data File Sent       Washington University

Longitudinal trajectory of neuropsychological performance and dementia subtypes

Huiping Xu       ADC

Paper in Preparation       Indiana University

The Combined Influence of Vascular Risk Factors and Alzheimers Disease on
Cognition, and the Role of Vascular Neuropathology in that Relationship.

2010 Karim Yamout       ADC

Abstract Published       UCD

Estimation of AUC through propensity-score-adjustment approach under
non-ignorable verification bias

2015 Wenbao Yu       

Paper Submitted       Seoul National University

Joint random-effects transition models for multivariate longitudinal data

2013 Bo Zhang       Non-ADC

In Press       Oregon State University

Modeling Disease Progression in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease

2014 Shenqiu Zhang       Non-ADC

Abstract Submitted       University of Exeter Medical School

Role of cholesterol in amyloid b-induced dysfunction of synaptic transmission
and initiation of neurodegeneration

Qi Zhang       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Vanderbilt University

The association between benzodiazepine (BZD) use and dementia and/or cognitive
impairment using NACC data

2014 Yuhai Zhang       NACC

Paper Submitted       Univeristy of Washington

Agreement between patient self-report health conditions and their medication

Rui Zhao       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Kentucky

Learning optimal individualized intervention for the prevention of Alzheimer's

Yingqi Zhao       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Predictive Analysis of Conversion among Normal, MCI and Dementia

Yan Zhou       ADC

Data File Sent       UCLA

Applied Missing Data Analysis in Health Sciences

2011 Andrew Zhou       NACC

Paper Published       University of Washington

Dissociable Facets of Executive Dysfunction and Association with Preclinical
Alzheimers Disease

2013 Joyce Zhu       Non-ADC

Abstract Published       Vanderbilt University

Functional-Cognitive Marker of Preclinical AD

Joyce Zhu       Non-ADC

Data File Sent       Vanderbilt University